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  • January 5th, 2021
    FreePBX: SIP Trunk Setup

    Set up a Voxtelesys SIP Trunk in FreePBX.

    January 5th, 2021
    FreePBX: Outbound Routes

    Configure outbound routes for your FreePBX.

    January 5th, 2021
    FreePBX: Inbound Routes

    Set up inbound routes for your FreePBX.

    January 5th, 2021
    FreePBX: Add Extension

    Add extensions to your FreePBX.

    January 5th, 2021
    FreePBX: Add Call Queues

    Add call queues to your FreePBX.

    January 5th, 2021
    FreePBX: Add IVR

    Add an IVR to your FreePBX.

    January 19th, 2021
    FreePBX: Teams Setup

    Connect the VoxSBC to FreePBX to call to and from Teams.

    March 25th, 2021
    Securing a Compromised FreePBX

    If your FreePBX is compromised by a hacker then take a look at this guide to get your FreePBX secured!

    June 3rd, 2021
    Phone Setup | FreePBX

    Learn how to add an IP phone to FreePBX! In this demo we used a Fanvil; but brands like SNOM, Yealink, Polycom, and Grandstream will be a similar process!

    September 27th, 2021
    FreePBX: IP Auth SIP Trunk Setup

    How to set up your FreePBX with Voxtelesys and IP authentication.

    September 27th, 2021
    FreePBX: Update from Registration to IP Auth

    Change you FreePBX registration from registration to IP authentication.

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