Messaging | Voxtelesys


  • Long Codes
  • Short Codes
  • Vanity Numbers
  • SMS Marketing
  • Business Number SMS
  • Millennial Approved
  • Instant Communications
  • Easy Integration

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Voice | Voxtelesys


  • Local DID
  • Toll Free
  • Failover Routing
  • Premium Dialer Routes
  • Cloud Hosted PBX
  • 911
  • International DIDs
  • High Capacity SIP Trunking

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Custom Dev | Voxtelesys

Custom Dev

  • (API) CNI - Cell Number ID
  • (API) DNC - Do Not Call
  • (API) IVR - Interactive Voice Response
  • (API) Recording
  • (API) LRN - Number DIP
  • (API) Cell Number Scrubbing
  • (API) DCLID - Dynamic Caller ID

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Partner Program

Voxtelesys is a "Preferred Carrier" for multiple PBX and Dialer vendors. We support what we sell with an in-house staff of software and hardware engineers. We are custom coding new applications every day to advance connectivity to Voxtelesys services. Once you experience how Voxtelesys supports customers, you will know that your decision to partner with Voxtelesys is a great decision! We answer the phone and we take care of business.

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Voxtelesys Partner Program