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Find quick answers and valuable information to common questions about our services, solutions, and the telecommunications industry on the Voxtelesys FAQ page.

Are there advantages of hosting with Voxtelesys?
Can I make external calls on 3CX without a SIP trunk?
Will Voxtelesys sign my calls with Attestation Level A?
Will Voxtelesys verify outbound calls without customers having to implement Stir/Shaken?
Are there any setup fees or hidden charges?
Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan as my needs change?
Do you have dedicated customer support for my plan?
Do you offer customer support and technical assistance?
Does Voxtelesys integrate with any other business communication tools?
How are Voxtelesys services billed?
How can I get a quote for custom pricing?
How quickly can I scale my service up or down?
Is there a free trial or demo available?
Which plan is best suited for my call volume and needs?
Does Stir/Shaken apply to SMS?
Does VoxSMS have limitations?
What is Textable?
What is VoxSMS?
What benefit(s) do I have using Voxtelesys?
Does Voxtelesys support faxing?
Is VoxFax HIPPA compliant?
What is an ATA?
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