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    The Campaign Registry (TCR) is used to verify and vet SMS numbers/messages sent to Verizon, AT&T, and T-mobile. This vetting process is required for all US local numbers (DIDs). The following is a list of exceptions to the TCR vetting process:

    • US Toll Free numbers w/SMS do not need to register with the TCR.

    • Canada DIDs w/SMS do not need to register with the TCR. (only sending SMS to Canada)

    • Canada Toll Free numbers w/SMS do not need to register with the TCR, but do need to complete a special form. Please reach out to Voxtelesys Support as this form is not automated.

    1. Log in to the Voxtelesys Portal

    Go to and log in.

    2. Documents > SMS Campaign Registry

    3. Add Brand

    4. Complete Brand Form

    The Brand is your company information or the information of the company sending the SMS messages.

    Step 1: Add Brand Information

    Step 2: Select Payment Method

    Step 3: Verify your Brand was set up

    5. Add a Campaign

    6. Complete the Campaign Form

    Step 1: Select your Campaign Type and use case

    Step 2: Select your Campaign Content Attributes

    Some attributes may be required based on your brand and campaign type.

    Step 3: Add in Messaging Details

    • Give as much detail as possible as this has to pass through a vetting partner

    Step 4: Pay for the Campaign

    Step 5: Verify Campaign was Added

    7. Add Phone Numbers to Campaign

    See the beginning of this guide for the exception list.

    Step 1: Add Phone Number

    Step 2: Select Your Number

    Step 3: Verify it was added

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