Tutorials: The Campaign Registry

The Campaign Registry (TCR) is used to verify and vet SMS numbers/messages sent to Verizon, AT&T, and T-mobile. This vetting process is required for all US local numbers (DIDs). The following is a list of exceptions to the TCR vetting process:

  • US Toll Free numbers w/SMS do not need to register with the TCR.
  • Canada DIDs w/SMS do not need to register with the TCR. (only sending SMS to Canada)
  • Canada Toll Free numbers w/SMS do not need to register with the TCR, but do need to complete a special form. Please reach out to Voxtelesys Support as this form is not automated.

You can see a good breakdown and campaign examples with this link.

Go to the Voxtelesys Portal and log in.

Select the "Documents" tab, then click on the "SMS Campaign Registry" from the drop-down menu.

Shows the SMS Campaigns Registry tab, which is under the Documents folder from the dashboard.

Select the "Add Brand" button.

The Brand is your company information or the information of the company sending the SMS messages.

Step 1: Add Brand Information

Step 2: Select Payment Method

Step 3: Verify your Brand was set up.

Press the "Add Campaign" button.

Step 1: Select your Campaign Type and use case

Step 2: Select your Campaign Content Attributes

Some attributes may be required based on your brand and campaign type.

Step 3: Add in Messaging Details

Give as much detail as possible as this has to pass through a vetting partner.

Step 4: Pay for the Campaign

Step 5: Verify Campaign was Added

See the beginning of this guide for the exception list.

Step 1: Add Phone Number

** Step 2: Select Your Number**

Step 3: Verify it was added