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Every Message is an Opportunity

Customers are turning to Voxtelesys for their most critical communications needs because we know and understand how important it is for customers to stay connected all day, every day. Voxtelesys provides scalable SMS services for contact centers and businesses of every size. Reduce cost and increase capabilities with the new host of IP communications features and services available at Voxtelesys.

Voxtelesys SMS Messaging
Voxtelesys is your Next Generation Carrier!

Whether it’s a simple SMS marketing application, or important business-critical software application in the telecommunications field, you can always rely on us. Voxtelesys delivers carrier-grade communications services on time, every time. Our well-trained staff are dedicated to helping customers make smart decisions that improve efficiencies and lower costs. Our team of engineers are constantly improving our suite of services, including voice, SMS, compliance, and data services.

Long Code SMS / MMS

Communicate smarter with one number for both voice and text. So what is SMS? SMS stands for Short Message Service and is commonly referred to as a text. MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service and is used to send pictures, audio, video, and other files. Long Codes refer to standard 10-digit phone numbers that allow businesses to send and receive SMS and MMS text messages from their own numbers.

With the VoxSMS web and mobile app, you get Multi-Device Sync & Support, MMS Support, Organized Contacts, Scheduled Messages & Blasts, Auto-Reply, and Canned Responses.

VoxSMS Web Platform / VoxSMS Mobile App* $5.00/user

*Available from the App Store and Google Play

Local Number

Today's customers want to communicate by text. Give them what they want from a phone number they know and trust by adding SMS to your Business Phone Number.


Monthly SMS MMS
Text Enable Local DID $1.00/each $0.01/msg $0.03/msg

Toll Free Number

SMS isn’t just the future of customer communications; it’s the present. Your customers want to be able to reach you whenever and however they want. Voxtelesys' Toll-Free SMS lets you leverage the power of your existing toll-free numbers by text-enabling them and allowing your customers to communicate via SMS using the same numbers your customers already know to call.

Monthly SMS MMS
Text Enable Toll Free $1.00/each $0.01/msg $0.03/msg

Short Code SMS

Send and receive high volume SMS using a Short Code anywhere in the nation. Random or Vanity short codes can be acquired specifically for your use.

95% of SMS content is opened

Pick Your Package

Starter $25/commit $0.025/message
Standard $100/commit $0.02/message
Professional $250/commit $0.18/message
Enterprise $500/commit $0.15/message
Random Short Code $1,000/commit 3 months minimum
Vanity Short Code $1,500/commit 3 months minimum

Instant deliverability means instant communications. 95% of SMS content is opened within the first 3 minutes of being sent.


Better Performance and Scalability

One simple integration away from sending and receiving text messages from your existing business software or CRM. Discover how easily our SMS API can reimagine your customer communications.

Voxtelesys Messaging API
Voxtelesys Messaging API