Service Level Agreement

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This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) sets forth the provisions and commitments relating to service expectations between Voxtelesys and Customer.


Voxtelesys will use reasonable efforts under the circumstances to maintain its overall network and system quality. The quality of service provided hereunder shall be consistent with other common carrier industry standards, government regulations and sound business practices. The SLA does not apply to outages from events unrelated to Voxtelesys’s voice and data network or Customer provided systems and hardware.

Changes to Service Level Agreement

This SLA may only be amended by Voxtelesys, and may be amended at any time. The changes are binding when posted to the Voxtelesys website.

Service Availability Guarantee

An interruption period begins when Customer reports a service to be interrupted by opening a trouble ticket and makes Voxtelesys aware of an outage. An interruption period ends when the service is operational.


A credit allowance will be given for interruptions (complete loss of service), in excess of 30 minutes, where inbound or outbound calling is affected by network elements directly under Voxtelesys’s control.

Credit / Total Outage Time

(1) One Day / 30 -- 59 Minutes

(2) Two Days / 60 Minutes to 23 Hours + 59 Minutes

(7) Seven Days / 24 Hours +

Credit Balance and Payment Process

Customers must submit a request by email for credit within (15) business days following the outage. No other remedy or relief is provided. A credit allowance is applied against only those facilities on the interrupted portion of the service. No credit will be given on the usage sensitive portion of the service. Credits will only be given to customers in good financial standing and must comply with Voxtelesys’s Terms of Service. As a result of any investigations, Customer must fully cooperate with the Voxtelesys Support Team. Failure to do so will negate all credit earnings. Following a verified outage, Voxtelesys will apply credits earned within three billing cycles.

Report Outage

The Customer can file a support ticket by telephone or email with the contact information shown on the Voxtelesys website.

Support During a System Outage

Support during a Voxtelesys system outage is provided 24x7x365 days per year with a maximum four-hour initial response time from the filing of a trouble ticket by the Customer. Hold times during a system outage may be longer than usual. Consult the Voxtelesys website for updates concerning an outage,

Credit Limitations

Credits applied to any billing period for outages shall not exceed the total monthly recurring charges or weekly recurring charges (based on Customer’s billing cycle). The credit allowances and non-cash remedies set forth in this SLA shall be Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for any outages. Credits, as defined in this SLA shall be Voxtelesys’s only liability for compensation. Under no circumstances does an outage deem a breach of the contract for services in the customer agreement.


No credit will be earned under the scenarios listed below. Voxtelesys will not be held responsible for service interruptions due to:

  • Planned Network outages
  • Acts, omissions and delays by the Customer.
  • Behavior or operation of Customer equipment, facilities or applications.
  • Acts of God, terrorism and any other situations beyond the reasonable control of Voxtelesys.

Customer Provided Infrastructure

Voxtelesys service may depend on Customer provided infrastructure, for example, Internet connectivity, hardware, software and premises wiring. Voxtelesys is not responsible for, and cannot repair, any outages caused by the failure of Customer supplied equipment or services. Voxtelesys is not responsible for any service disruptions or outages caused by any network components outside the control of Voxtelesys. The Customer is solely responsible for the maintenance and operation and support of Customer’s own equipment and any vendor products or services.