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Customers are turning to Voxtelesys for their most critical communications needs because we know and understand how important it is for customers to stay connected all day, every day. Voxtelesys provides scalable IP Communications services for contact centers and businesses of every size. Reduce cost and increase capabilities with the new host of IP communications features and services available at Voxtelesys.

Voxtelesys Voice Telecom
Voxtelesys is your Next Generation Carrier!

Our reputation as a quality VoIP service provider is well established. Voxtelesys delivers carrier-grade telecommunications services on time, every time. Our well-trained staff are dedicated to helping customers make smart decisions that improve efficiencies and lower costs. Our team of engineers are constantly improving our suite of services, including voice, SMS, compliance, and data services.

Our Mission is Simple

We Make Telecom Easy!

Consistently deliver products and services that help our customers and partners save time and money so they can focus on building their businesses, not managing their telecom services.

Business Phone Systems

Voxtelesys makes IP business phone installation easy. Let us do your heavy lifting by hosting your business phone system.

Voxtelesys Voice Telecom


Voxtelesys Voice Telecom
SIP Trunking (customer-owned PBX)

As your company changes, SIP Trunks adjust as needed. Voxtelesys provides feature rich HD quality phone service. Sold by the line or channel, each line can handle one outbound call or inbound call. Customers that opt for Unlimited PBX pay one low monthly fee per line for all calls to the lower 48 and Canada. Unlimited PBX is for those customers that want a predictable monthly cost regardless of usage.

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High Capacity SIP Trunking (Dialer)

Voxtelesys provides outbound SIP Termination with next generation routing power to contact centers with 4 lines to 4000 lines and more. Our carrier-grade SIP termination services are fully redundant with 99.999% (five-nine) reliability, and offer an unparalleled level of integration power with your network infrastructure and dialer platforms. Based on the G.711-ULAW/ALAW and G.729 codecs, our SIP service delivers the best call quality available today.

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Voxtelesys Voice Telecom
Voxtelesys Voice Telecom

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