Add Call Queue: Vodia PBX

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Call Queues in the Vodia PBX are very powerful and customizable, we will go over creating a queue and some basic settings, for more information on call queues please see Vodia's Info Page

1. Select "Agent Groups"

Under the Domain navigate to "Agent Groups" under "Accounts"

2. Select "+ | Add"

3. Fill in Data

Account Name: Number for Queue

Display Name: Name of Queue

4. Create
5. Edit Queue

Click on the Queue number to start editing

  • As mentioned in the overview there are a lot of different settings here so you will want to go through and pick what is best for you queue

6. Add Agents

You can add two different types of Agents:

  1. Primary: These extensions are added to Queue and do not need to login
  2. Extensions that can add themselves (* for all): These extensions can dynamically join and leave when they need.

Select Extensions and Add

7. Advanced Agent Settings

Algorithm for selecting next agent: Choose how your queue rings agents

Position for adding agent: start new agents and the front of back of queue

Condition for including more agents: Customize queue on when to pick agents

8. Save

There are many other settings/parameters that can be customized to your needs!