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    October 6th, 2022

    Since the beginning of February 2021, the major wireless carriers (Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile) have been working with The Campaign Registry (TCR) to implement a process to register everyone using VoIP and US local phone numbers to send SMS or MMS messages. All US local (NANP) VoIP SMS numbers must be registered with the TCR, this includes low-volume customers/numbers. A couple of reasons for the TCR and campaign registration: (1) it protects the end-user from spam (2), and it keeps further FCC requirements and regulations from being implemented.

    Once a number is registered with a campaign under the TCR, it becomes a 10DLC. 10DLC numbers are permitted to send A2P (Application-To-Person) messages from local long-code phone numbers to end users. By using the TCR's SMS registration process, businesses now have their phone numbers registered with the major carriers to prevent their numbers from being blocked. The 10DLC increases the SMS/MMS throughput compared to person-to-person long code traffic.

    There are some circumstances where businesses do NOT have to register their numbers with TCR, such as: if you are using a Toll-Free number for SMS or if you are only sending SMS to Canada via a local number. However, if a business sends SMS to Canada with a Toll-Free number, that business will need to register with a different form. (Please reach out to Voxtelesys about the form)

    Though it is good to see these carriers implementing standards that protect the end-user and better regulate SMS/MMS traffic, it does include some setup and monthly fees. The initial setup of your brand and campaign starts at $50, while the monthly fee to keep your campaign active starts at $3. Both of these prices may vary depending on what type of campaign you register for.

    While it may seem expensive to get started with the TCR, it is much cheaper than not being compliant. There are hefty fees your business can be subject to for not registering your SMS/MMS numbers or for failing to comply with the TCR. Some of those fees include SMS Registration- Evasion: $1,000 per message sent (switching numbers to avoid being labeled spam) and Text Enablement Invasion: $10,000 per message sent (for messages sent before registering with the TCR). Though these fines are usually uncommon, they can and will be enforced for behavior violating the TCR.

    Since the formation of The Campaign Registry, Voxtelesys has remained compliant with the new SMS regulations. Voxtelesys prides itself on only offering our customers strict and robust networks for all SMS/MMS traffic. To get started or to learn more about Voxtelesys' integration with TCR, please complete the registration process via this link:

    We look forward to being your service provider for all your business SMS and MMS needs.

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