Tutorials: How to Set Up Fax-to-Email

How to Set Up Fax-to-Email

Go to the Voxtelesys Portal.

Select "APIs," then click on the "Fax Profiles" tab.

Click on the green plus (+) sign.

Fill out the following fields

  • Description: How you want to name your eFax profile
  • Outbound Trunk Group: Select your outbound trunk group group from the drop down.
  • Caller ID: Select your main fax number
  • Event type: Select "Send and Email callback"
  • Email Recipient(s): Enter the email(s) you want to receive Inbound faxes. Separate the emails with a comma and no space for more than 1.

Optional fields

  • Default: Check this box if it is your only profile on the default
  • Attachment Password: Set a password if you would like your Inbound faxes to have a password to open.

This is an optional field for if you will have multiple fax numbers to assign each of them their own inbound destination.

Here is an example of adding one.

Image of adding Number Mapping

This is where you can assign a caller ID and also allows specific emails to send outgoing faxes.

  • Note: Read the information below the Allowed Emails tab before adding. If you need to whitelist an entire domain please create a support ticket to have our support team do this for you. We can only assign 1 outbound caller ID to the domain/email so if you have multiple outbound fax caller IDs you will not want to whitelist a domain .

Example of adding an allowed email to fax out.

Click on the "SIP Trunks" tab.

Select your Inbound Trunk Group by clicking the + in front

Click on Routing, and click on the green plus sign:

Name your route something that tells you its your eFax route in the description box of your route profile.

  • We used "Fax" for our example

Expand your route profile to edit it.

Click on the edit icon under the Fax route.

  • Destination Type: eFax
  • Destination: Your fax profile
  • Click on "OK"

Your route will look like this:

Go to Phone Numbers > Numbers

Find and edit the number you want to assign the inbound route to and click the blue box with the pencil on the right hand side.

Update to the fax profile:

  • Route Type: Standard Routing
  • Route Profile: Fax

Save the setting by clicking on "OK"


  • To send an outbound fax, email @voxfax.io. For example, a fax to (402) 403-4435 should be sent to [email protected].
Image of sending the email
  • Attach your fax in one of the following formats: .pdf, .jpeg, .tiff, .png.
  • No more than 10 MB.

A Confirmation Email was delivered.

Received email:

  • Note: If you set an attachement password you will need to use this to open the fax.