Teams: Add Resource Group

In Microsoft Teams it is required to create a resource account for auto-attendants and call queues to be able to route phone numbers or auto-attendents to them. In the PBX world this would be considered an Inbound rule/route.

1. Login to Teams Admin Center

Side Panel > Org-wide settings > Resource Accounts

2. Add a Resource Account

3. Fill in Resource account information

Display Name: name of queue or auto attendent

Username: we use the same as Displayname @ your domain

Resource Account Type: Auto Attendant or Call queue

4. Save

Resource Group: Assign Phone number

Now that you have created your resource group you need to assign a phone number, for direct routing we will do this via PowerShell

1. Login to PowerShell

Follow this guide if you are unfamiliar with accessing PowerShell

2. Command to Assign Phone Number

Change to the resouce account user

Change 1NPANXXYYYY to the phone number you want assigned to your phone number

Set-CsOnlineApplicationInstance -Identity "" -OnpremPhoneNumber "1NPANXXYYYY"

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