FreePBX: Add Call Queues

Video coming soon!

1. Application > Queues

2. + Add Queue

3. Queue General Settings

Queue Number: Number of IVR

Queue Name: Name of Queue

Fail Over Destination: Choose where you want this call to go if no agents or meets a time out

4. Add Agents

Static Agents: Agents are assumed to be in the queue all the time

Dynamic Agents: Agents can log in and out of queue

5. Notable Queue Settings

Timing & Agent Options
  • Max wait time: Limit the time people can be stuck in the queue
Capacity Options
  • Max Callers: Limit amount of callers in the queue
Caller Annoucements
  • Frequency: Frequency of caller position annoucement

  • Annouce Position: Let the caller know what position they are in

  • IVR Break Out Menu: Let caller leave queue and enter an IVR

  • Repeat Frequency: Time to repeat IVR break out option

5. Submit and apply config