3CX: Teams Setup

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Add Slave Bridge

1. SIP Trunks

2. + Add Bridge > Add Slave

3. General Bridge Settings

Name of Bridge: VTS Teams

Virtual Extension Number: From Voxtelesys

Authentication: From Voxtelesys

Remote PBX IP and Port: From Voxtelesys | 5060

Time between registration attempts (Seconds): 300

4. Advanced Bridge Settings

Allow Inbound Calls: Enabled

Allow Outbound Calls: Enabled

PBX Delivers Audio: Enabled

From : Display Name: "CallerName" caller's name (default:From->display name)

Codec: G711 U-law

5. Finish the Bridge setup by pressing "OK"

Add Outbound Rule to Teams

1. Outbound Rules

2. + Add

3. Configure Rule

Below is an example rule on how to point calls to Teams with a prefix:

Rule Name: VTS Slave Bridge

Calls to Numbers strating with prefix: 8080

Calls to Number with a length of: 8

Route: VTS Teams | Strip Digits: 4

In our example we could dial 80802048 the call would go to Teams as 2048, the 8080 would be stripped off. Our extensions are 4 digits in length, if doing a 3 digit the length would be set to 7.

4. Finish the Outbound Rule by pressing "OK"

Add Extension and Routes to User in Teams

1. Login into your Teams account Via Powershell

See guide Here

2. Add Voxtelesys SBC/PSTN

If you haven't already setup your Voxtelesys SBC please refer these Instructions

  • Skip the "Assign DID and Voice Routing to Users" part as you will do that a little differently below
3. Add Extension Number to User

Command: Set-CsUser -Identity “user@example.com” -EnterpriseVoiceEnabled $true -HostedVoiceMail $true -OnPremLineURI Tel:2048

Set-CsUser -Identity "user@example" -OnPremLineURI tel:2048 -EnterpriseVoiceEnabled $true -HostedVoiceMail $true

  • For user@example.com set the users email that you want to assign the caller ID
  • For 2048 set the users extension number on the 3CX

4. Grant User Access to Voice Routing Policy

Command: Grant-CsOnlineVoiceRoutingPolicy -Identity “user@example.com” -PolicyName “voxtelesys”

5. Test calls in and out of Teams/3CX

Dial the extension/user on Teams with the prefix

3CX strips the prefix off and dials the slave bridge

Teams can be answered on your desktop or cell phone app

Now test call back into 3CX by dialing the extension number (no prefix needed)

For calls to ring to the Teams client all the time you can assign the prefix and extension as the mobile number, then select ring my mobile simultaneously on the forwarding rules.