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  • PBX and 3CX Phone System Round Up
  • PBX and 3CX Phone System Round Up

    July 3rd, 2018

    In business, making any switch in hardware, software, or service is a significant change. There are so many things to consider, including initial costs, cost over time, impact on staff, and more. When you look at the switch to SIP or upgrading a PBX, it seems you have many choices—from using your existing PBX, buying a brand new PBX, and hosted vs. on-premise. It can get confusing. In the last few months, we’ve covered these topics quite a bit on the blog, so we’re going to do a quick roundup of the questions to ask about SIP and PBXs. For this discussion, we’ll be using a 3CX phone system as our working example. Why? Because a 3CX phone system can work in almost any of the situations described above.

    It’s All About the Benjamins

    We won’t beat around the bush: many decisions are based on cost. We understand. Businesses that don’t pay attention to the bottom line don’t tend to stay in business long. It’s easy to get caught up in the bells and whistles of an unlimited SIP plan that adds extra services and minutes you simply may not use. That’s why we created the Voxtelesys Plus 1 (metered) PBX plan. It’s simple: $1 per line, $1 per number, 1 cent per minute. With the Plus 1 PBX plan, you pay for what you use and no more. Our blog post shows how the plan can save you money over an unlimited plan. Combined with a 3CX phone system, you are looking at good opportunities to reduce costs while increasing quality.

    In the Cloud? On-Premise?

    Does your IT staff have their head in the cloud or do they prefer keeping their systems close at hand? Should you choose a hosted 3CX phone system or keep it on-premise? An on-premise PBX provides greater control of your phone system. However, moving to the cloud provides more scalability and turns your PBX into a managed service. For a small business without a massive IT staff, that could make a big difference. So, which is better? The answer is…neither. In this case, you pick the right tool for the job. Regardless of what you choose, your PBX is only as good as the SIP service behind it. No matter how expensive your hardware, if your service is sub-par you will have problems.

    What About PBX Integration?

    So, what’s the bottom line where SIP integration with your PBX is concerned? That comes down to cost over time and ROI. We examined the cost differences between buying an off-the-shelf PBX with another service and using an open standards PBX like a 3CX phone system combined with the Voxtelesys Plus 1 PBX Plan. In the end, 3CX powered by Voxtelesys can result in some serious savings.

    You can even integrate your 3CX with other solutions, such as Microsoft Teams.

    Why a 3CX Phone System?

    Voxtelesys is a proud 3CX partner. With 3CX you can run your own hardware—you can upgrade your current PBX or purchase a brand new one and install 3CX—or we can host it for you.  The 3CX software is open standards, compatible with many popular IP phones, and is easy to install and maintain. A 3CX phone system that’s powered by Voxtelesys is a complete telecom solution without the cost and management headaches of an “old style” phone system or limitations of a shared cloud PBX.

    Have we mentioned the PBX features? A 3CX phone system is loaded with features. Some of our favorites are:

    Still Have Questions?

    You know what? You should still have questions! This isn’t a small decision. You wouldn’t buy a car online without popping the hood and checking it out. If you’re thinking of making a PBX upgrade or switching to SIP, we’re here to help.  Contact us today about our Plus 1 (metered) PBX plan, or end-to-end 3CX IP PBX service. We’ll help you seamlessly integrate your infrastructure with our services, our help you start from scratch, letting you control your services by campaign or even by specific outbound SIP lines. Free yourself from the burden of extra work.

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    PBX and 3CX Phone System Round Up