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  • The Expensive Truth about the Unlimited VoIP Plan
  • The Expensive Truth about the Unlimited VoIP Plan

    March 22nd, 2018
    “…And if you order now, we’ll throw in an extra FREE ThighBuster at no additional charge (justpayshippingandhandling)!”
    Most of us have grown up in an age of marketing that equates more with value. The perception of getting something “extra” is intoxicatingly effective, and infomercial stars like Billy Mays had the sales numbers to prove it. Do you actually need two of the same unitasker gizmos collecting dust or occupying space in your Goodwill Donations box? Probably not. But that you could have it FOR FREE* starts you down a path of rationalizations: I could give the second one to my Great Aunt Sally for her birthday… I could keep one at home and the second at the office… I would always have a spare if the first one is lost in a fire…
    *Spoiler: We’re sorry if you were led to believe the second model was actually free. It wasn’t. The Low-Low-Price of Only $19.95 always included your freebie, whether you wanted it or not.
    Even if you genuinely are in the market for a thigh sculpting solution, you can see how easy it is to be swayed into buying more product than you need and justifying it as a value.

    The same holds true for VoIP service. An unlimited VoIP plan is designed to trigger this same value perception of more = better. They’re counting on you not to do the math and realize that you could end up paying more for something your business didn’t actually need – unused minutes you bought and paid for in your unlimited VoIP plan, collecting proverbial dust at the end of every month.

    The infographic below breaks down a cost vs. use scenarios to illustrate how a simple and straightforward per-minute plan like Vox Plus 1 PBX can be a much better value. In fact, you can improve customer service,  boost productivity and reduce costs with 3CX IP PBX powered by Voxtelesys.

    Simple plans like the Voxtelesys Plus 1 PBX service can save small businesses money when compared to unlimited plans.

    Call or email Voxtelesys today to find out how the Plus 1 PBX plan can save you money and help advance the way you do business.

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    The Expensive Truth about the Unlimited VoIP Plan