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  • How to Start a 3CX WebMeeting
  • How to Start a 3CX WebMeeting

    May 17th, 2018

    Most SMBs and call centers see the value of using easy web conferencing to reduce the friction of our daily work lives.  But, it’s not always easy, is it? How often have you arrived in a meeting room to find that the organizer is running late and needs 5 minutes to set up the conference line, so he can patch in the team from Scranton?  Setting up a 3CX WebMeeting is so easy, that’s a worry of the past.

    Each day, we encounter situations where minutes are lost and/or wasted because someone can’t get the technology right.  And each delay has a cascading effect on the days of everyone involved.

    One of the best use cases for a 3CX IP PBX centers on the conference room—in a physical or virtual sense.  With 3CX WebMeeting the need for meeting IDs or login information has been replaced with a Click2Meet personalized URL.  Plus, those joining the meeting remotely can do so without being forced to download the latest plug-in from Citrix, WebEx, etc.  3CX WebMeeting uses WebRTC, so there is no need for software or plugins. Participants can just click and meet.

    Setting up a 3CX WebMeeting

    WebMeeting is integrated into 3CX, so web conferencing is easy for businesses, schools, presentations, screen sharing, and more. If you can send an email, then you can set up a WebMeeting. It’s this simple:
    1. Click the conference button
    2. Enter a meeting name
    3. Choose participants
    4. Click start now
    You’re done. But what about the participants? As a 3CX user, you have all the software already. Surely, it’s not that easy for a participant. There are downloads and installations, right? Nope. Let's review the participant process once they receive their invitation email.
    1. Open email
    2. Click link
    That's it. The link opens a web browser, and they’re connected and ready to go. Web conferences are simple with 3CX WebMeeting.

    Choosing a 3CX IP PBX is a smart IT management decision. The software is compatible with nearly any device or OS. Management is simple and intuitive. If you are shopping for a new PBX, contact us today about our end-to-end 3CX IP PBX with superior SIP service.

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    How to Start a 3CX WebMeeting