• Issabel | SIP Trunk Setup

  • Note that the Issabel PBX is a fork of the older Elastix PBX, this guide will work for configuring Elastix as well.
1. PBX > PBX Configuration

2. Trunks

3. Add SIP Trunk

4. SIP Trunk Settings
  • Trunk Name: Voxtelesys
  • Outbound CID: Number from Voxtelesys
  • Dailed Number Manipulation Rules:
    • Match Pattern 1:NXXNXXXXXX
    • Match Pattern 2:1NXXNXXXXXX

Outgoing Settings
  • Trunk Name: OB_Voxtelesys
  • Peer Details:
    • username=Username from Voxtelesys
    • secret=Password from Voxtelesys
    • host=Domain/host from Voxtelesys
    • type=friend
    • insecure=port,invite
    • qualify=yes
    • disallow=all
    • allow=ulaw&alaw
Incoming Settings
  • User Context: IB_Voxtelesys
  • Peer Details:
    • qualify=yes
  • Register String: Username:Password@Domain

  • Submit and Apply and your trunk will register!

To check you can go to PBX > Tools > Asterisk CLI > execute the command sip show registry

If you need help configuring your trunk or inbound numbers check out the guides below! More Voxtelesys Portal Guides Here!
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