Grandstream: Bulk Import Extensions

Video coming soon!

1. Extension / Trunk > Extensions

2. Export a Singel Extension

Since there are so many feilds in an extension it is recommened creating a single extension and exporting so all the extensions have the same settings.

3. Open File and Modify

You will update the following feilds:

Extension: Extension Number

CallerID Number: Number to be displayed as outbound caller ID - Optional

SIP/IAX Password: See Command below

Voicemail Password: See Command below

User Password: See Command below

First Name: First name of user

Last Name: Last name of user

Email Address: Email of user

Phone Number: Cell number of user

Not shown:

Permission: Access this extension has to outbound call

  • Internal
  • Local
  • National
  • Internaional


  • Special Characters recommened: ~!@+#$%^*

Voicemail Password: =RANDBETWEEN(100000,999999)


  • Special Characters recommened: ~!@+#$%^*
5. Save File and Import

5. Select File

6. Verify Created Extensions then Apply Changes