FreePBX: Setup SIP Trunk

Video coming soon!

1. Connectivity > Trunks

2. + Add Trunk

Add a new SIP (chan_pjsip) Trunk

3. General Trunk Settings

Trunk Name: Voxtelesys

Outbound CallerID: Number from Voxtelesys

Maximum Channels: Line limit from Voxtelesys

Change to the "Dialed Number Manipulation Rules" tab

4. Dialed Number Manipulation Rules

Match the rules below

  1. Prepend: 1 | Match Pattern: NXXNXXXXXX

  2. Match Pattern: 1NXXNXXXXXX

  3. Match Pattern: 911

  4. Match Pattern: 922 Test dial 911 to verify address

  5. Match Pattern: 011. International calling

Change to "pjsip Settings" tab

4. pjsip Settings (General)

Username: From Voxtelesys

Secret: From Voxtelesys

SIP Server: From Voxtelesys

Change to "Advanced" tab under pjsip Settings

5. pjsip Settings (Advanced)

From Domain:Same as SIP Server from Voxtelesys

Change to "Codecs" tab under pjsip Settings

6. pjsip Settings (Codec)

Set the following codecs in order

  1. Ulaw
  2. Alaw
  3. G729

7. Submit and apply config