ATA Setup: Grandstream HT801 to Hosted 3CX

In this guide we will show you how to connect your Grandstream ATA to a cloud/hosted instance of 3CX, this method will use G711 as your faxing method with is supported on Voxtelesys SIP. *Note for fax machines over SIP it is recommened to lower the BAUD rate on the fax machine. Try BAUD rate at 9600 bps or even lower at 7200 bps.

1. Login to ATA Device

  • If you do not know the IP address of the ATA you can plug in an analog phone and dial ***02 and it will play back the IP
2. Select FXS Port

3. Fill in Data

Primary SIP Server: Your 3CX Static IP

  • Must be a static IP address

SIP User ID: 3CX Extension number

Authentication ID: 3CX ID

Authentication Password: 3CX Password

  • 3CX ID and Password can be found under the extension > Phone Provisioning

Enter in Grandstream ATA/GUI

4. Fill in Data (continued)


Enable Feature Settings:

Fax Modes:

5. "Apply" settings on Grandstream ATA