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  • Cell Phone Scrubbing for Call Centers
  • Cell Phone Scrubbing for Call Centers

    December 26th, 2017

    One of the most common and clear-cut violations of the TCPA is autodialing cell phone numbers without express prior consent. TCPA regulations prohibit this practice, and compliance requires cell phone scrubbing. Why is cell phone scrubbing important, and what is the most efficient and cost-effective way to approach this task?

    Why is Cell Phone Scrubbing Important?

    Autodialing a cell phone without express prior consent can result in a fine of between $500 and $1,500 for each violation. You can imagine how quickly these amounts can add up to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars! As the threat of class actions for TCPA violations intensifies every year, the simplest way to avoid these expensive fines is cell phone scrubbing to remove non-compliant numbers from your list automatically.

    The Positive Effect of Cell Phone Scrubbing

    Protecting your business from expensive fines and multi-million-dollar lawsuits are obviously great benefits of cell phone scrubbing. But, how does this help your bottom line? The advantage of cell phone scrubbing for a business is simple. You’re contacting customers who are open to doing business with your company.

    Think of it as a door-to-door solicitor selling the services of a financial advisor. If you’re in the kitchen, cleaning up for dinner and hear a knock at the door, the last person you want to see is a stranger eager to sell you services you may not want or need. You’ll quickly shoo them away, telling them you’re busy and irritated by the interruption. Not to mention you’ll have a sour view of the company that person represented.

    However, what if you open the door and find Jeff, the assistant coach of your daughter’s soccer team, who is also a financial advisor at the local branch of Waddell & Reed? Just last week you were discussing opportunities to move your Roth IRA to get better yields. You’d be happy to open the door and invite him in for a cup of lemonade and a chat. Why? Because you’re a willing customer who is seeking his services.

    That’s the difference cell phone scrubbing can make for your business. You’ll be reaching the customers who want to hear from you, who are already thinking about your business. Agents will spend less time on unanswered or fruitless calls. More quality time will be spent talking to customers interested in your services. Cell phone scrubbing takes the losses off the table by removing potential DNC violations, hang-ups, and unreceptive customers. More connections mean more positive results for your company.

    Cell Phone Scrubbing from Your Desktop

    You could try manual cell phone scrubbing, but that kind of maintenance requires a lot of time, effort, manpower – and is vulnerable to human error. An error that results in a TCPA/DNC violation might be an error you can’t afford to make.

    Vox CNI  performs cell phone scrubbing for you. Available for all customers, autodialing platforms, and call centers, Voxtelesys uses the most up-to-date LRN cell phone number data in North America to help you with TCPA compliance and increasing your bottom line. Our combined Vox CNI services, featuring our powerful Dynamic Caller ID, make millions of requests every single month – 50,000,000 in just the last six months.

    Contact us today, and we’ll help you ensure that your call center stays on the right path with the TCPA. Need a custom solution or integration? With our open API and our dedicated engineers in the Vox DevGroup, we’re ready to help.

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    Cell Phone Scrubbing for Call Centers