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  • TCPA Compliance Solutions: How Not to Break the Bank
  • TCPA Compliance Solutions: How Not to Break the Bank

    May 11th, 2017

    Ignoring TCPA regulations can lead to costly FCC fines and lawsuits. But without a clear understanding of the actions your business needs to take, you’re just as likely to fall short of compliance as you are to go overboard implementing unnecessary – and often costly – measures. How can you ensure you are TCPA compliant without breaking the bank? Here’s a quick rundown of things to avoid, and what you might want to consider doing instead.

    DON’T make calls without consent

    It’s important to remember that the key to TCPA compliance for a call center is to express prior consent. In simple terms, this means that before your agent can place a call, the consumer must have provided permission to be contacted. There are many layers of express prior consent, with different rules depending upon how the call is placed and the purpose of the call. To add another layer of complexity, the interpretation of express prior consent is frequently challenged in court by companies and consumers alike. In February of 2017, the FCC released a petition for public comment that questions the current interpretation of the “prior express consent” clause. Even the smallest change to the interpretation of that clause creates widespread compliance issues for many companies. So, how can you be sure you have express prior consent for each wireless number called?

    DON’T pay for services you don’t need

    Many businesses offer TCPA compliance services but package the deal with expensive bells and whistles you may not need. Smaller call centers often have difficulty finding a “just right” solution at a price they can afford. For example, those expensive, certified lists you can purchase? They will quickly go out of date. Keeping your lists clean is no small task, and hiring a technician or compliance officer to maintain, cross-reference and manually scrub your lists is an option. But this method is expensive and subject to human error. Even a few small mistakes can quickly add up to hefty fines from the FCC.

    DON’T lose time and money to procrastination

    Multi-million dollar TCPA class actions are on the rise. In 2016 alone, 4860 new suits were filed. Like most laws, the interpretation and enforcement of the TCPA is frequently challenged.

    Most TCPA lawsuits are a result of negligence on the part of the call center—not illegal intentions. When you’re busy managing staff, providing account management and looking for new business, researching TCPA compliance and implementing new practices can fall to the bottom of your lengthy to-do list. Rather than adding an expensive lawsuit to that list, take care of your TCPA compliance with an efficient, cost-effective solution.

    DO use the right tool for the job

    Some of the largest class action settlements have involved calls to wireless numbers without express prior consent. Vox CNI solves this problem by scrubbing wireless numbers from your list in real-time or from your desktop using the latest North American data. Cost-effective and agile, this solution won’t break your budget, and it won’t break the bank by subjecting you to hefty FCC fines.

    Contact us for more information on how Vox CNI will help with TCPA compliance and protect your business from expensive TCPA lawsuits!

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    TCPA Compliance Solutions: How Not to Break the Bank