Voxtelesys Portal | DID/Number Routing

1. Login to Voxtelesys Portal

Go to https://portal.voxtelesys.net and Login

2. Go to SIP Trunks

3. Open up DID Trunk (Origination) > Routing

  • Add a new route with the "+"

  • I already had an exisitng route but as you can see the new route I made is now available/editable

4. Open the New Route to Edit/Add destinations

5. Edit/Add Destinations

You will be able to create the following type of routing/destinations

  • Customer IP
  • Transfer
  • Registered PBX

Registered PBX Routing

Registered PBX routing is the most used type of routing, when you select it you will be given a destination drop down. From this drop down you can select from a registration associated with the account. To create a new registration/trunk see this guide (Coming soon)

Customer IP Routing

Customer IP routing is often used if the customer wants to use their static IP address rather than a registration. We do not allow dialers to use registration, they must be static IP.

Transfer Routing

Transfer routing can be used if you need your phone number transfered to an external number. This may be for an office shutdown or outage, we also offer failover routing which you will see below.

6. Finalize your new route by clicking OK

You can create multiple routes for failover options, below you can see I am first routing to a PBX registration, if that fails the call will go to priority 2 and transfer out to the number specified.

Add Routing to a DID/Number

1. Go to Phone Numbers > Numbers

2. Drop Down the DID/Number you want to update

3. Edit the number and select your routing type

We offer 3 different routing types

  • Standard
  • Time of Day - Route calls based on the time of day/week (Coming in updates, but support can setup for use now)
  • Geographic - Route calls based on the location they are coming from (Coming in updates, but support can setup for use now)

4. Select Routing Profile
  • Select standard

  • Then the profile you created

5. Verify and Test!

Check the route feild for the number you modified then send some test calls to verify it is working as expected!

If you need to buy new phone numbers see this guide!