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  • Spam Calling

    August 4th, 2022

    Unwanted calls - whether telemarketing calls, spam texts/calls, or scam calls - can bother anyone on the receiving end. Incoming spam calls can come from surveyors, debt collectors, political campaigns, charities, etc. You can personally block these calls through your phone app on your mobile phone, which would prevent a large volume of calls from coming through. However, if you know your outgoing number is being registered as spam, you can take steps to correct this.

    It's essential to understand the types of calls considered phone scams or suspicious calls to prevent them from happening. Robocalls are an autodialer that delivers pre-recorded messages. Spoof Calls are a disguised caller ID to hide identity, usually from a scammer or a bad actor. Unwanted Calls are calls not requested by the callee.

    Because of the plenty of unwanted scam calls, various carriers have implemented blocking programs. You can view these blocked calls on the National Do Not Call Registry, a list made by the Federal Trade Commission. This helps prevent the number of incoming calls from being spam callers or illegal robocalls. However, you or your business could be on a phone company's contact list as a spam caller because of these programs.

    Voxtelesys only allows legitimate calls to come through our network. If your number is detected as a spam phone call, we will not let your call go through. We have taken action to limit the number of spam calls through our system. We have implemented STIR/SHAKEN and are S/S certified. STIR/SHAKEN are acronyms for Secure Telephone Identity Revisited and Signature-based Handling of Asserted Information Using toKENs.

    STIR/SHAKEN handles calls that travel through interconnected networks. Calls will be checked and signed as legitimate by carriers before reaching customers. In addition, STIR/SHAKEN is a validation process to ensure no bad calls are coming through.

    To ensure you are legitimate and not being detected as a bad call, follow the TCPA guidelines. Along with following TCPA Guidelines, you can submit spam removal requests through certain carriers. Read our Tutorial or watch our Video on Spam or Potential Spam to view the list of carriers and links for submission. Lastly, if you think your number is being mistakenly marked as spam, you can register your number at the Free Caller Registry.

    If you have further questions, contact us at Voxtelesys.

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