Tutorials: Spam or Potential Spam?

Spam or Potential Spam?

Due to the prevalence of abusive robocalls, multiple carriers have ramped up blocking and call filtering programs. While this is aimed at scammers, your business may be unintentionally affected.

Unfortunately, Voxtelesys cannot do anything to remove, change, or influence the spam rating, but with the links below contain forms to submit your numbers directly to the carriers/vendors to remove any spam rating.

The most popular form to submit will be to Free Caller Register, this will submit to Verizon, AT&T, and T-mobile with one submission!

Or if you are having issues with a specific carrier you can try their direct submission form:

Individually (by email or phone):

Registering Numbers with Analytics Providers:

Popular Mobile Apps (website):

Popular Mobile Apps (by email or phone):

For emails and contact us field please use this format:

  • Company Name:
  • Purpose of calling:
  • Type of usage: Inbound calling, outbound calling, or both
  • Carrier: Voxtelesys
  • TN list:

Reference link

Currently there is no specific reason why a number(s) would be flagged as Spam, we do know that registering your numbers is the best course of action and also maintaining a healthy call history of long duration calls, answered calls, etc helps keep you off any filters.

Please note that Voxtelesys is not responsible for your numbers reputation/rating, please make sure that your numbers are being answered. If you are a call center please make sure you are following the TCPA guidelines.

Voxtelesys recommends that you register your numbers with all available vendors to ensure that your numbers are not being flagged as SPAM. It can take a couple days for the process to complete and have the vendors verify your numbers but once it is completed you are a lot less likely to be marked in the future.