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DDoS Protection: Boosting Security Against Attacks

We've taken steps to secure your experience.

Cloudflare Integration

To fend off DDoS attacks, Cloudflare shields all IP subnets, enhancing both security and network speed.

Standard Protocols

We rely on trusted protocols like BGP, GRE, and IPsec for strong routing and encapsulation, ensuring a solid, secure network foundation.
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Our SIP Trunking Options: Voxtelesys Delivers Choice

At Voxtelesys, we know every business is unique.
That's why we offer two main plans:

  • Metered: Perfect for varying call volumes
  • Unlimited: Predictable monthly costs and clear budgeting

Voxtelesys is committed to providing SIP trunking plans that accommodate different billing preferences. Whether you lean towards the predictability of fixed costs or the adaptability of usage-based billing, we have you covered. It's all about empowering you to choose the plan that aligns perfectly with your specific requirements and budget. Your communication needs, your way.

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Elastic SIP Trunking

Elastic SIP trunking promises adaptable voice communication for fluctuating call volumes. However, this "seamless" scalability often comes with hidden costs and uncertainties.

Our goal is reliable, budget-friendly SIP trunking designed for your specific needs. Your communication, delivered.

  • Understanding CPS-Based Pricing: Unlike per-port charges, Elastic SIP trunking bills based on calls per second (CPS). While this allows carriers to charge by usage, it doesn't guarantee the number of concurrent calls your system can handle.
  • Challenges: Predicting CPS at lower volumes is difficult, especially if you value transparency. No one wants an "all circuits busy" message when customers call.

We prioritize clear and predictable pricing so you can focus on your business. Our solutions ensure both affordability and transparency, leaving no room for hidden costs or unexpected limitations.

Contact Voxtelesys today and discover how we can deliver dependable SIP trunking tailored to your unique needs.

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Securing Your Calls with SIP TLS

Making a Call

When you make a call, the SIP protocol connects to the other device, sets up the call, and links you together. The audio and video of your call use another system called RTP. Once your call is done, SIP manages the call ending.

Staying Safe

Even though it seems simple, this setup can have security issues. SIP wasn't originally designed to be secure, which makes it open to hacking. Both SIP and RTP use regular text unless you ask for encrypted connection. This means your info could be at risk on the internet or office networks.

Our Solution

For secure calls, Voxtelesys has TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SRTP options. These keep your call signals and media private. They're not on by default, but you can set them up in your SIP Connection settings. We also add security by using our private network for your media, so it's safer from public risks. Your safety matters to us.