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  • Premium Call Routing Supports Stronger Patient Outcomes
  • Premium Call Routing Supports Stronger Patient Outcomes

    May 1st, 2018

    It’s no secret that patient outcomes—changes in health that result from measures or specific healthcare investments—are an essential factor in every healthcare practice. Positive patient outcomes are improved when patients follow the instructions they have been given by their healthcare provider. That means diminishing the barriers that affect patient compliance. Using premium call routing with your SIP service can help remove some barriers.

    Good Communication is Key

    After an appointment or discharge, patients may find they have questions regarding their continued treatment. The ability to get answers quickly and easily improves compliance, which ultimately results in stronger patient outcomes. Consider a review in the Annals of Internal Medicine estimated that a lack of medication adherence causes nearly 125,000 deaths, 10 percent of hospitalizations and costs the already strained healthcare system between $100–$289 billion a year.

    Making it easy to connect, communicate and collaborate with patients is the first step to improve compliance and promote better patient outcomes. Savvy healthcare providers have found robust SIP services with customized call center solutions are some of the best ways to foster patient-centered care communities. High-quality SIP service allows healthcare providers to implement features that improve the patient experience, patient compliance and promote improved patient outcomes. Adding premium call routing makes that connection faster and easier.

    Premium Call Routing

    With premium call routing and an IVR, calls can be routed automatically. Just implementing a menu with easy to remember numbers can reduce patient wait time and frustration by connecting their call to the right person at the right time. With premium call routing, a healthcare provider can quickly provide answers for patients about prescriptions, post-operative care, follow up appointments, telephone triage and more. Dependencies can be set so calls are routed to specific locations based on time of day—whether it’s a particular office location or an after-hours triage answering service. Or, based on answers given in the menu system, calls can be routed to a nurse practitioner who speaks Spanish, or someone who specializes in insurance claims, or the radiology department in a wholly different location.

    From georouting to time-of-day, most idle, or skills-based routing, Voxtelesys premium call routing solutions can address the needs of modern healthcare. Learn more about premium call routing here. Need something unique that requires a little more creativity? Try our custom call routing or call the Voxtelesys DevGroup. Contact us today!

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    Premium Call Routing Supports Stronger Patient Outcomes