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  • Do Your Customers Want to Call You? 3 Customer Experience Roadblocks
  • Do Your Customers Want to Call You? 3 Customer Experience Roadblocks

    February 20th, 2018

    American Express recently reported that 78% of customers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor customer experience. Because of this, it’s easy to understand that customer experience roadblocks can negatively affect your business.  Today’s customers expect to contact customer service on their own terms, when they choose, and on the channel of their choice. eConsultancy has said that 61% of consumers still prefer to use the phone, but that doesn’t mean your customers are thrilled about dialing your number.

    Customer Experience Roadblocks

    Customer experience roadblocks are ways that bad interactions—or worse, no interaction—are discouraging your customers from contacting your business. Most of the time these bad interactions are easy to overlook, especially if you rarely experience your contact center from a customer’s point of view. You may not even know it, but the following 3 customer experience roadblocks may explain why your customers don’t want to call you.

    Your IVR is your gateway to good customer experience…and it’s failing

    Providing a consistent customer experience that offers the answers customers are looking for is no longer a nice-to-have feature.  As we’ve previously discussed, an IVR system that delivers on the promise of self-service meets customer expectations and will ultimately reduce costs.  An IVR with clear choices that direct your customer to the right agent with the right answer not only removes customer experience roadblocks but improves overall call center efficiency.

    Your customers are tired of repeating themselves

    Improperly routed calls take time, tie up resources, and frustrate your customers.  Routing calls to the right department and the right agent increases the probability of first call resolution and reduces the chance a customer will need to explain their issue to several agents. Here there are two sides of the customer experience coin. Agents dealing with frustrated customers for hours can turn into frustrated agents, furthering a downward customer experience spiral. However, arming agents with the proper information to resolve issues quickly leads to better agent engagement, which leads to a better customer experience. Happier agents lead to happier customers which lead back to happier agents. It’s a self-feeding cycle that chips away at customer experience roadblocks. When you own both sides of the coin, you double your chances of success.

    Your customers are tired of waiting for you

    Your customers do want to talk to you. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be calling. They remember their phone transactions with you. They are so tired of waiting for you—it’s one of the most complained about customer experience roadblocks. Long hold times, dropped calls, and poor-quality service impact the way your customers feel about you and your brand.  A robust contact center solution that creates an extraordinary customer experience will help build customer loyalty.

    Remove Customer Experience Roadblocks

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    Do Your Customers Want to Call You? 3 Customer Experience Roadblocks