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  • Improve Call Center Productivity with Customer Self-Service
  • Improve Call Center Productivity with Customer Self-Service

    February 15th, 2018

    Everyone loves the feeling of being good at what you do. Most contact center agents will tell you that “easy” questions that are frequently asked and easily resolved provide a much-needed balance to their day and allow them an instant sense of gratification when they can solve a caller’s issue quickly. However, they will also tell you that after the 500th recitation of store hours or warranty information, the distinction between “easy” and “monotonous” becomes painfully clear. This is why customer self-service is increasing in popularity.

    Agents feel an even greater sense of engagement and satisfaction with their performance when they’re able to help customers with complex inquiries. Customer self-service solutions, like IVR, may seem counter-intuitive to keeping your call center agents busy, but it can actually create efficiencies that will improve productivity and increase employee morale.

    Customer Self-Service Raises the Bar

    Not only do customer self-service solutions help make agents’ jobs more rewarding and enjoyable, but they also help keep customers happy as well. Consider the recent Gartner report that ranks “improving the self-service experience of consumers” among the top 3 priorities for companies aiming to improve customer experience and service.  In addition, Aberdeen claims that companies with the strongest omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers,  compared to 33% for companies with weak omnichannel strategies.

    Of course, not every inquiry can be resolved through self-service channels. While customer self-service options play an important role in lowering costs and keeping customers happy, the more complex calls that require elevation to a live agent offer opportunities for increased agent engagement. Well-trained agents who are capable of managing complex issues while demonstrating expert customer care skills, such as calming upset customers, make a real difference to the overall customer experience.

    As callers use customer self-service channels like IVR for routine questions, agents have more available time to dig into more in-depth questions, offering solutions that go beyond simple answers provided through self-service.  As a result, agents are more engaged, feel more accomplished, and have greater opportunities for professional growth and development.

    Want to learn more about adding customer self-service solutions to your call center? Contact us today. Need a robust solution that will fit the unique needs of your business? Vox DevGroup is ready to help you find and create the best solution for your company.

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    Improve Call Center Productivity with Customer Self-Service