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  • Why A Call Routing Service Is So Important for Financial Services
  • Why A Call Routing Service Is So Important for Financial Services

    May 22nd, 2018

    Whether you're helping customers through their investment questions or explaining their latest insurance claims, you know that when many customers contact your team, they're already feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, or confused. The help you provide is deeply personal—affecting their very livelihoods or health. Simply put, their calls matter. Using an intelligent call routing service can help you ensure those calls are reliable, secure, and clear so you can hear their every word.

    What Does a Call Routing Service Do?

    An intelligent call routing service and the traditional linear call distribution models are as different as using Google Maps on your phone and asking a guy on the street for directions. (But first, take a moment to question how we even survived as a species before Google Maps.)

    A guy giving you directions can do any number of things. If he's not local and doesn't have the right knowledge, you'll have to find someone else. Maybe he gives you directions, but they're based on landmarks or signals you don't understand (“take a right where the Dairy Queen used to be”). Or, he talks too fast and you leave feeling even more confused. In only a few situations do you get the information you need, the way that you need it.

    Then, think about Google Maps (or Waze or whatever you use). It not only gets you where you need to go, but it also takes you right where you need to be using the most efficient route possible while avoiding any specified road features (like freeways or toll roads).

    It's more than a bit of a difference, and it's the same difference that working with an intelligent call routing service versus a traditional model provides your customers and their overall experience. But, how can call routing help a financial services company specifically?

    Improve Your Customer's Experience

    Just like Google Maps, an intelligent call routing service takes callers directly where they need to be. They're not bounced around to different people to answer their questions. They can talk to someone who gives direction directly related to their needs, based on data from recent call logs and messages. And, the call is clear and reliable, ensuring that they actually hear the information.

    Simply having direct access to the information they need to know—when they're staring at an insurance claim or their bank account—can vastly improve how a customer feels after an interaction with your company. Rather than three rights to make a left, they get a clear arrow to their destination.

    Ensure Security and Affordability with Georouting

    We talk more about georouting in an earlier post, but in a nutshell, this advanced call routing system allows you to connect your customers with the agent best equipped to help, wherever that may be. In addition, it can help you avoid high-risk geographical regions you know to be unsafe, so your customer's financial information is kept secure.

    For example, if a customer in California calls about a mortgage, they'll want to talk to an agent who understands their state's laws and regulations. Typically, that agent will physically be in California and can answer on-the-ground questions using information that someone in Delaware may not have the same access to.

    Think back to how Google Maps allows you to customize certain road features you want to avoid (like toll roads). As a company, you may know that certain regions have lax data security laws or regulations that expose your customers to potential threats. Instead of routing their call through that country, georouting allows you to route it intelligently through a safer area.

    Get Data Based on Every Call and Every Contact

    Financial teams run on data, and for good reason. Robust data analytics can allow you to make efficient and cost-effective real-time decisions. The same applies to intelligent call routing systems for finance. The best reporting systems are integrated into the full telecommunications suite, and allow you to:
    • Look at your call data to see if a certain campaign is effective or not
    • Find high-volume call periods, based on historical patterns
    • Build custom call routing rules so you can apply findings to future call periods
    At Voxtelesys, we know how important reliable and trustworthy communications are for finance service teams. We're skilled at working with you and your company to make your switch to an intelligent call routing system as seamless and secure as possible. Contact us today to see how call routing can help your organization thrive.

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    Why A Call Routing Service Is So Important for Financial Services