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Local Phone Number (DID)

We’ve got you covered with phone numbers available in thousands of cities across the U.S. and Canada. Need the perfect vanity number? We can help!

Conveniently manage DIDs from your Voxtelesys Customer Portal.

Local DID
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Toll Free SIP Origination In The U.S. & Canada with Disaster Recovery.

Voxtelesys is not your average toll free provider. We register every toll free number with AT&T, Verizon, and Level3 to route incoming toll free calls. If any one of these Tier 1 carriers has a network failure or disaster, we can move your toll free number within minutes to keep your number active and your business operating.

Add Geo-routing to your toll free number and route calls to different call centers based on where the calls originate. This is perfect for insurance companies that need callers from different states to be routed to multiple call centers.

Let Voxtelesys manage your complex routing!

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Caller-ID...Calling Name (CNAM)

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Outbound CNAM

Build trust by sending your business name when calling with Voxtelesys. Customers are more likely to answer your incoming calls when they see both your phone number and business name.

DID with Outbound-CNAM...Free.

Inbound CNAM

Receiving calling-name from inbound callers requires a CNAM dip. Voxtelesys is charged a fee for every CNAM dip which is passed on to customers by adding a fee to each DID with inbound CNAM capabilities.

DID with Inbound-CNAM...$3/each.

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