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  • How Can Business SMS Help My Company?
  • How Can Business SMS Help My Company?

    June 26th, 2018

    You know the saying: “You can have it fast, cheap, or well-done. Pick two.” Finding efficient, affordable, and flexible ways to communicate with customers can be challenging in just the same way. Efficient communication may not be flexible, and the faster you want to move the more expensive communication becomes. Fortunately, business SMS is changing that with affordable, efficient, and flexible solutions for your customer service, communication, and marketing efforts.

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    What is Business SMS?

    Business SMS essentially uses text messages to communicate with customers. SMS business solutions cover a host of possible uses, including:
    • News and updates
    • Promotions
    • Emergency notifications for both staff and customers
    • Customer service and troubleshooting
    • Your time window for the roller coaster at the theme park is open
    • Reservation and appointment reminders
    Think of SMS business solutions as the channel of communication for people on the move. Marketing and customer service does not have to rely on clunky technology or apps. A quick SMS text can engage customers and start the conversation, right from the texts they're already checking on their phone.

    Is SMS Marketing Effective?

    And how. SMS marketing is far more effective than newsletters or email marketing campaigns. Consider this: the sooner a customer interacts with your communication, the more likely they are to continue to engage. A 2013 study found that SMS communications received responses in the first 15 minutes on average 43% of the time.

    Mickael Bentz, product marketing manager at Adobe, finds this rate even higher and compares the difference in open rates between SMS and email. He notes that:

    “Email open rates are great at 20-30 percent. But according to a Dynmark report, SMS blows that away at 98 percent open rate! In fact, 90 percent [of texts] are read within 3 seconds.”
    Add to this the fact that 75% of people prefer texts over email and 66% of users say they have made a purchase as a direct result of an SMS marketing text, and you have a compelling case for using SMS business solutions in both customer service and marketing.

    What are the Benefits of SMS Business Solutions?

    With SMS business solutions you actually can have it all: efficient, affordable, and flexible communications. Here's how.

    Business SMS is efficient

    Need to send a quick appointment reminder to your healthcare clients? Maybe a customer just needs an easy answer to their question. Or, your financial customers want an update when their account hits a certain amount. These can all be handled efficiently with business SMS.

    When customer service issues can be handled in a sentence or two, why send an email that probably won’t be opened? SMS can handle basic customer service effectively and efficiently. According to the Dynmark study above, customers take an average of 90 minutes to respond to an email and 90 seconds to respond to a text.

    Business SMS can also protect your employees and customers in case of an emergency. For the healthcare industry in particular, but for other industries as well, business SMS allows you to reach a broad audience with emergency news or updates. Imagine a data breach that needs quick attention. Business SMS helps you reach everyone at once, so they can protect themselves and their information.

    Business SMS is affordable

    Using SMS business solutions streamlines the process of customer service, marketing, and general communication. This allows your staff to spend time on other crucial areas or more complicated issues that can’t be solved via text.

    Advertising costs can also add up in other channels. SMS marketing, on the other hand, is a great way to let customers know about new promotions or deals on a regularly-scheduled basis. A quick text can share sales, specials, or local events, saving time and money for you and your customers.

    Business SMS is flexible

    The flexibility that SMS offers for customer service and marketing means no more cold-calling, hold times, or wasted time for your employees or your customers.

    Making the effort to set up your business SMS service so it meets your needs can save you even more time and increase your reach.

    How to do SMS Marketing Right

    Your SMS marketing is only as effective as you make it. Here are some easy basics on how to do it right:
    • Offer easy opt-in/opt-out features: Make it easy for customers to stay in touch if they’d like (and to protect their privacy and data!)
    • Stay in touch with customers: Send regular SMS messages to keep customers informed and engaged
    • Automate: Adding short codes helps customers to get more information, ask a question, or get the help they need from the appropriate department
    • Work with a professional: SMS marketing pros can help get your business SMS services up and running quickly
    Voxtelesys can help you get started with affordable, efficient, and flexible SMS business solutions. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

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    How Can Business SMS Help My Company?