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  • SMS and What to Look For
    • SMS and What to Look For

      June 5th, 2020

      SMS isn’t just the future of customer communications, it’s the present. Your customers want to be able to reach you whenever and however they want.

      What is SMS?

      SMS stands for Short Message Service and is commonly referred to as a text.

      What is MMS?

      MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service and is used to send pictures, audio, video, and other files.

      Short and Long Code SMS

      Short Codes are 5-6 digit numbers usually used to reach a large group of people quickly. They can be easier to remember for customers, making them great for offering discounts and other promotions.

      Long Codes refer to standard 10-digit phone numbers that allow businesses to send and receive SMS and MMS text messages from their own numbers. Whether these are Local DIDs or Toll-Free numbers, they can feel more normal for both businesses and customers. Plus, you can use the numbers you already have for your business, so your customers know it's you.

      Benefits of Using SMS for Businesses

      With SMS business solutions you actually can have it all: efficient, affordable, and flexible communications.

      What to Look For in a Business SMS Service

      • Multi-Device Sync & Support - A flexible service can save you time and money. The ability to send and receive messages with your computer, phone, or tablet makes communicating with your customers easier than ever, especially when messages and contacts sync perfectly across devices. This means you can send a message using your phone, pull up your computer, and you’ll be able to see the same conversation there.

      • MMS Support - Sending and receiving MMS messages create a richer media experience in your messages. Support for these kinds of messages give your customer communications an extra punch.

      • Organized Contacts - Keeping your personal and private contacts separate makes organizing a lot easier and helps prevent sending a personal message to a customer by accident.

      • Scheduled Messages & SMS Blasts - Scheduling a message ahead of a planned event can take one item off your mental checklist in the moment. An SMS blast is a bulk SMS text message sent to a large group of people. They make for an easy and cost-effective way to communicate with a large number of customers or employees.

      • Canned Responses (Auto-Reply) - Create a keyword(s) to auto-respond to FAQs or other common messages your customers might send. Another great use of this feature might be to offer a special deal or promotion to customers that text a code.

      Voxtelesys Includes All of These

      With the VoxSMS Web Platform and Mobile App, you can make the most of your business SMS. You get all of the above features for one simple price. We let you easily text-enable your local and toll-free numbers, giving your employees texting capabilities while your customers can message the numbers they already know.

      More From Voxtelesys

      Voxtelesys provides nationwide Business PBX, VoIP, SIP Trunking, SMS Messaging, and more. No matter the size of your business, you’ll find your business phone and voice solutions with us. Contact us today and get solutions to grow your business.

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      SMS and What to Look For