Tutorials: Add Emergency Numbers

Add Emergency Numbers

Log in to VitalPBX

Click on the "PBX" icon. Select the "Emergency Calls" tab, then click on "Emergency Numbers" from the drop-down menu.

  • Description: Enter a description to identify this list of emergency numbers.
  • Email Addresses: Enter the email addresses that will receive notifications when any of the emergency numbers defined here are dialed.
  • Trunks: Add the SIP Trunks that will be used in case of an emergency call by selecting the icon next to it.

Drag and drop the SIP Trunk(s) from here:

List of Emergency Numbers:

  • Number: This field is where you enter the telephone number that will be used to contact local emergency services for assistance. Enter 911, 922, and 988 individually.
  • Service Name: Enter the name of the service that represents this telephone number. For 911 enter: Police, Firefighters, Ambulance. For 922 enter: Test 911. For 988 enter: Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.

When you have added all of the emergency numbers, click on "Save" button.

Then reload VitalPBX to finalize your changes.