VitalPBX | SIP Trunk Setup

  • VitalPBX | SIP Trunk Setup
  • Voxtelesys Portal | DID/Number Routing

    1. PBX > External > Trunks

    2. Set Technology to SIP

    3. General Settings

    • Description: Voxtelesys_SIP
    • Profile: Default SIP Profile
    • Codecs: ulaw,alaw,g729
    • Trunk CID: Number from Voxtelesys

    • Local Username: Username from Voxtelesys

    • Remote Host: Domain from Voxtelesys

    • Insecure: Port,Invite

    • Remote Username: Username from Voxtelesys

    • Remote Secret: Password from Voxtelesys

    • From Domain: Domain from Voxtelesys

    • Register String: Username:Password@Domain

    • Update and your trunk will register!

    To check you can go to PBX > Tools > Asterisk CLI > run the command sip show registry

    If you need help configuring your trunk or inbound numbers check out the guides below!

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