Tutorials: SIP Trunk Setup

SIP Trunk Setup

Log in to VitalPBX

Click on the "PBX" tab, click on the "Call Routing" option, then click on "Trunks" from the drop-down menu.

Set the technology to PJSIP.

  • Description: Voxtelesys
  • Codecs: ulaw,alaw,g729
  • Local Username: Username from Voxtelesys.
  • Remote Host: Domain from Voxtelesys.
  • Remote Username: Username from Voxtelesys.
  • Remote Secret: Password from Voxtelesys.
  • Require Registration: Set to "Yes"

When you have made all of the necessary changes, click on the "Save" button.

After that, reload to finalize your changes.

To verify your SIP Trunk's registration, use either method below.

Method 1 - PBX > Tools > Asterisk CLI

Run the command:

pjsip show registrations

Method 2 - Reports > PBX Reports > PJSIP Endpoints

Navigate to the Trunks tab: