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  • Why Host Your 3CX with Voxtelesys?
  • Why Host Your 3CX with Voxtelesys?

    October 18th, 2022

    As 3CX continues to be a global leader in unified communication, Voxtelesys is proud to be considered one of their preferred service providers. As a Titanium Partner and Solutions Provider of 3CX, our customers will be able to take advantage of all the features 3CX has to offer while maintaining all the service and support of Voxtelesys.

    Our Service

    By hosting your 3CX with Voxtelesys, your business will have the freedom to focus on the important tasks, not your phone system. Not only is Voxtelesys a proud follower of all the 3CX Best Practices during the on boarding process, but we also take the extra step to monitor and manage your 3CX to ensure the phone system is fully updated and operating correctly. When new 3CX updates do release, our team acts in full force to put them to the test. Through a vigorous R&D vetting process, we take the update and test it on our development system. Once it has passed our development, we input it onto our main production system that we use daily. If after these steps no bugs are found, our team will upgrade all of our customers through the Linux command line and test inbound and outbound calls through that system. Additionally, all of our customers will start with 2CPU’s and 4GB of RAM-Memory as well as 32GB of dedicated local SSD storage. We will scale based on 3CX's hardware specifications.

    We also have the ability to set up fail-over for your 3CX system. However, according to, it is limited to the Enterprise and Pro licenses. We do take the precautionary measure of backing up all the 3CX systems to our SFTP servers and capture nightly snapshots of the VM instances. For further precautions, we store the past five days of nightly backups and the past three months of incremental snapshots. Since we have root access to the system, we can do packet captures trace routes for advanced troubleshooting. Our customers will always have access to their backups at all times through the 3CX Management Console.

    If your 3CX system were to crash, we would export the logs, create a support bundle, and submit a ticket with 3CX on your behalf. Submitting a ticket on your own would be $75, but as a Preferred Partner of 3CX, we will do this at no cost.

    Let Us Support Your Business

    At Voxtelesys we support our customers during the 3CX setup, as well as offer continuous support once your PBX is in production. We also monitor the health of all 3CX services and track the status of underlying critical Linux system processes through a lightweight on-system agent. Through this process, we get alerted at all hours of the day when services are down or restarted.

    With many customer testimonies that can attest to our support for all their set up and functionality issues, our support team is proud to provide customer care that is unmatched.

    We Are Reliable

    At Voxtelesys we have taken the steps to secure reliability for our customers. We have implemented 3CX Hosting in two of our data centers:

    • Dallas, TX.
    • Salt Lake City, UT.

    These remote locations were strategically chosen for 3CX hosting. Our customers can rest easy knowing their phone systems are stored in geographical locations where natural disaster rarely occur. Additionally, these locations are on core backbone fiber routes throughout the US, with great connection times to the lower 48.

    If you choose Voxtelesys to host your 3CX, your SIP Trunk domain record will also be in the same data center as that of your hosted 3CX. If a problem were to ever arise, your PBX and hosting will fail-over automatically to our other data centers.

    Voxtelesys emphasizes our reliability for all of our customers, a reliability that not all our competitors can standby. Other companies such as GCP, AWS, and Azure will prioritize and provide support for their largest customers, the ones spending the most money. Unfortunately, your 3CX does not fall in line with that. Not only is it pay to play for prioritized support a factor, but providers like Azure have an incorrect MTU size of 1400. We would highly suggest against not using Azure to host.


    As important as reliability is, at Voxtelesys we equally value our customers security at the same level of importance. We have put in place IPtables/Nftables to limit SSH access to our management IPs and to only allow the necessary ports that 3CX uses. Passwords are randomly generated and strong to better increase security.

    In Summary, Choosing Voxtelesys for Your 3CX Will Provide You:

    • Monitoring of 3CX Services and System health.
    • Strong Generated System Passwords.
    • Past 5 days of SFTP Backups.
    • Nightly Snapshots of VM.
    • Dedicated Static IP.
    • NFTables Security.
    • Dedicated Local SSD Storage.
    • Networking Optimized for 3CX.
    • Support Through On Boarding Process.
    • Advanced Troubleshooting with Packet Captures on the System.
    • Data Centers Located in Minimal Natural Disaster Areas
    • Data Centers Running On Major Core Backbone Fiber Routes.
    Why Host Your 3CX with Voxtelesys?