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Upholding Trust in VoIP/SIP Messaging

SMS messaging in the VoIP/SIP industry has gone through quite a few changes and updates, due to the high volume of fraud and spam outbound messages, cellular operators have Opted to work with The Campaign Registry (TCR) to help with number and message verification and limitations. Voxtelesys is a partner and fully integrated with the TCR.

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Voxtelesys highly recommends that you have a Campaign associated with your SMS numbers/messages, having an accepted campaign in place helps avoid message blocks and volume limitations. If a number is not associated with a campaign it is considered “un-registered”, un-registered messages are subject to higher per message surcharges. Blocked messages are not disputable for un-registered numbers.

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Your Brand is Verified: Next Steps for SMS Campaigns

Congratulations on getting your brand verified! Now you can leverage the power of SMS marketing through Voxtelesys.

Submit Your Campaign

Head to the Voxtelesys Portal and click "Add Campaign" to submit your campaign details.

  • Opt-in/Opt-out: Define how users can subscribe and unsubscribe from your messages.
  • Help Messages: Provide clear instructions for users seeking assistance.
  • Call to Action (CTA) & Message Flow: Outline your campaign goals and message sequence.

Download the Informational Guide

This comprehensive guide provides detailed instructions and examples to help you craft effective campaign messages.

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Brand and Campaign Pricing

Brand SubmissionOne Time Charge
Brand External VettingOne Time Charge