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  • Voxtelesys and Microsoft Teams direct routing
  • Voxtelesys and Microsoft Teams direct routing

    May 11th, 2021

    Voxtelesys Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams gives you high-quality voice communications on a network that's just right for your business at a fraction of the cost of Microsoft's calling plans.

    With the recent shift to work remotely during the global pandemic, many organizations have been scrambling to update their working environments. We have been trending in this direction for many years, streamlining for unified communication now add work-from-home employees to the mix. Teams Direct Routing option enables you to leverage the benefits of Teams Direct Routing while remaining with your current SIP Trunk provider.

    Voxtelesys Direct Routing solution for Microsoft Teams allows customers to make and receive calls from their Teams environment to the rest of the world. In addition to the collaboration functionality of Microsoft Teams, customers get Voxtelesys cost-effective, high-quality voice services and custom applications. All of the quality, security, and resiliency you'd expect from a reliable voice network without sacrificing collaboration tools provided with Office 365 and Teams.

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    Key Benefits and Features

    • Optional Metered or Unlimited calling plans offer substantial cost savings.
    • A-Z international calling.
    • Unmatched support with friendly and experienced staff.
    • Customer Portal with features to order DIDs, view invoices, monitor calling stats, review call records, and much more.
    • Seamless integration to Microsoft Teams with Voxtelesys Direct Routing gives access to our high-quality voice services that enable you to pivot between calls, messaging, and videos.
    • Manage cost by only paying for the capacity you need.
    • Voxtelesys Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams gives customers high-quality voice service without breaking the bank.
    • Port your number to Voxtelesys is easy with our online porting form.
    • Voxtelesys Hosted Session Border Controller (SBC) is included at no charge with Unlimited Calling plans. This means no on-premises Session Border Controller, equipment, or expertise, required by our customers to set up and manage their own Direct Routing SBC.
    • Our geo-redundant, carrier-grade network seamlessly supports all of your Teams PSTN calling needs with pricing options to meet your business resources and requirements.
    • Built-in fail-over for disaster recovery and automatic rerouting features ensures up-time during emergencies and internet outages.
    • By selecting Voxtelesys Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams, you get to work directly with a carrier with years of experience providing high-quality service to customers.
    • Compliance for the new Federal Stir/Shaken requirements. Voxtelesys originates Stir/Shaken certificates so deserving customers will send the highest level of attestation. This means more customers will trust and answer your calls.

    What is Teams Direct Routing?

    Direct Routing is the process of allowing Microsoft Teams to use your SIP Trunk provider, (BYOC) bring your own carrier. Although Teams is known for internal communications, with Microsoft Phone System and Direct Routing, Microsoft teams platform can now serve as a full-fledged business phone system (PBX). Microsoft Phone System with Voxtelesys Direct Routing, or hosted SBC, allows customers to connect to Voxtelesys as the SIP Provider. Voxtelesys Direct Routing option offers more options, better quality, and lower costs to the customer.

    Microsoft Phone System

    Phone System is Microsoft's technology for enabling call control and Private Branch Exchange (PBX) capabilities in the Microsoft 365 or Office 365 cloud with Microsoft Teams.

    Microsoft Teams "Phone System," users can now use Teams to place outbound calls and receive incoming calls. What's more, this capability expands to Teams mobile devices, laptop PC, or one of many IP phones that work with Teams. Administrators can manage Phone System options and settings from the same console used for messaging and collaboration.

    Calls between Teams users in your organization are handled internally within the Phone System and never go to the Public Switched Telephone Network. What's more, calls between MS Teams users within your organization but located in different geographical areas, are avoiding long-distance costs on these internal calls.

    Microsoft Phone System offers Direct Routing for calls outside your company. Voxtelesys Direct Routing offers services far beyond the borders of Microsoft's limited calling plans. Enjoy a larger calling area, more options, custom IVR, faxing and much more with Voxtelesys, all at a much lower cost of business.

    Why Microsoft Teams Phone System Direct Routing?

    Most businesses require more robust capabilities typically found in traditional PBX phone systems, plus the need to support multiple locations. That's where Microsoft Teams phone system and Voxtelesys Direct Routing option for small and medium-sized businesses shine. Microsoft Teams has grown dramatically in popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Workers are encouraged or required to stay home all while still being productive. Although, executives are starting to require employees to return to the office. Remote working as an option for employers and employees will continue to be popular.

    IT managers that scrambled to find communication and collaboration alternatives at the start of the pandemic are now rethinking their entire IT infrastructure. Remote and hybrid work environments are just part of the ethos. Microsoft Teams has filled an important role, effectively providing a platform for companies to connect virtually when in-person collaboration is not an option. But companies are discovering it's just not enough.

    As valuable as Microsoft Teams is, it's still missing communication functionality that businesses require, such as fax, phone tree, complex XML IVR, advance call routing, and more. Employees, customers, partners, and vendors need the ability to reach the right people in your organization quickly. Expanding your voice capabilities and add calling outside of your Microsoft Teams environment is possible with Voxtelesys Direct Routing or hosted SBC to your favorite telecom provider, Voxtelesys.

    We make telecom easy!

    How Does Direct Routing Work?

    Direct Routing is a standout and the ideal option with businesses that want to leverage Microsoft Teams and choose their own external communications provider for SIP Trunking. Microsoft MSPs, with the help of Voxtelesys Direct routing solution, can provide a crucial set of tools needed to manage the communication needs of your clients' business.

    The voice call session passes through the Microsoft Teams client before reaching the other participant. Outgoing calls are routed through the Voxtelesys Directing Routing and then appear on the recipient's end. The solution is very efficient and can easily scale from a handful of users to thousands in an enterprise environment.

    What is Cloud Telephony?

    Cloud telephony provides voice communication services through the cloud-hosted environment. Services and data are managed off-premise in the cloud architecture accessible through the Internet.

    Cloud Telephone service differs from the past. Businesses no longer require a physical PBX at each of their office locations. The traditional PBX requires physical space like a closet or server room, plus a telecom expert to maintain.

    With cloud telephony, calls are hosted off-site. Cloud-hosted PBX now controls IP phones, mobile apps and PC clients in multiple locations and across various networks. Long gone are the physical wires and laborious on-site service orders. Changes are easily made in a few minutes.

    What is Unified Communications?

    Unified communications (UC) refers to a ubiquitous and comprehensive approach to communication and collaboration for the modern workforce. Unified Communications includes voice calls, video conferencing, instant messaging (IM), file sharing, and more.

    Efficient collaboration, especially for work-from-home employees, is a critical differentiating factor for enterprises. When employees can communicate across various devices, apps, and media types; they achieve a level of productivity that once was only achievable in the office.

    An effective strategy offers a consistent experience for employees across multiple platforms and locations whenever their location has a data connection. Consistency ensures that users can quickly collaborate with workflows without learning an extensive set of disparate tools.

    From a business viewpoint, standardized and integrated tools are also much easier to manage. Fragmented systems require more training to ensure everything continues to function and to troubleshoot issues efficiently. That's why consolidating communication capabilities into one platform can bring enormous efficiencies to your IT staff.

    Voxtelesys and Microsoft Teams direct routing