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  • How Can SMBs Meet TCPA Regulations?
  • How Can SMBs Meet TCPA Regulations?

    January 16th, 2018

    No matter the size of your call center, you always have to satisfy the TCPA regulations governing who you can call, how you can call, and when can you call. As a call center-focused telecom services provider, we know the TCPA regulations are seemingly endless. You need to implement easy-to-use, affordable safeguards so you can spend your time growing your business opportunities, not worrying about steep fines.

    Avoid Violating TCPA Regulations

    One of the most difficult TCPA regulations to comply with is removing the cell phone numbers of customers who haven’t given their express consent for you to call them. With thousands of number changes daily and hundreds of thousands annually, separating cell and landline numbers has become more and more difficult. Even big-name companies like Rite Aid, Toyota, and the Kaiser Foundation have received massive fines for violating this particular rule. With the dramatic increases in adoption rates for mobile smartphones and abandonment of landline services, contact centers face real challenges adhering to TCPA regulations.

    TCPA Regulations Are Serious

    Auto dialed calls to cell phones without express prior consent can cost your business between $500 and $1,500 for each violation. With thousands of potential numbers on your list, TCPA lawsuits can quickly climb to many millions of dollars. Wells Fargo settled a lawsuit for $14.5 million after they were accused of violating the TCPA by using an auto dialer to call debtors with a pre-recorded message on their cell phones. And Bank of America was hit with a record-setting settlement for $32 million. As the number of TPCA lawsuits increases, failure to comply with TCPA regulations could mean bankruptcy for your call center.

    Vox CNI Helps You with TCPA Compliance

    Vox CNI is the perfect tool for differentiating between landline and cell phone numbers. Whether you need Vox CNI to automatically block calls to cell phone numbers in real-time, or the Vox CNI Desktop to scrub your list using the most up-to-date LRN and porting data, you’ll know you’re always meeting TCPA regulations for cell phones. And if your call center is using SpitFire, you’re in luck. We worked with SpitFire engineers to seamlessly integrate Vox CNI, so you’ll always be in full compliance with TCPA regulations. Contact us today!

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    How Can SMBs Meet TCPA Regulations?