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  • Fixing Dialer Call Quality
  • Fixing Dialer Call Quality

    January 16th, 2017

    Why Premium Dialer Routes are a Must

    "You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

    Whether you remember this quote as an advertising slogan or age-old wisdom, it’s a message that strikes a powerful chord with business leaders who know the value of customer experience and brand perception. For companies that rely on phone calls to connect with customers, the first impression is often decided by the quality of the call itself. Choosing a dialer solution with premium dialer routes can solve this problem.

    What customers may not realize, however, is that it may not be your company’s phone system that’s to blame; it could be the route your call was placed on.

    The Problem: Carriers can’t guarantee high-quality audio for dialer traffic

    The simple fact is, most carriers hate dialers. High-volume, short-duration calls that are characteristic of dialer traffic tend to be relegated to lower-priority routes in order to preserve the quality of conversational traffic. This is why so many sales calls are sent over default dialer routes and fall victim to poor quality and even dropped connections.

    What does this mean for customer experience? Unfortunately, a call that sounds scratchy, patchy or dicey (to use a few technical terms) puts an immediate obstacle between your agent and the consumer he or she is trying to reach. Have you ever answered a call that was so difficult to hear or understand that you hung up? The company placing the call probably never even had any idea that sound quality was to blame.

    We want to believe that most customers would give agents the benefit of the doubt and disregard a poor connection. But in reality, most consumers have no idea what an autodialer is, much less any understanding of dialer routes, VoIP packets or SIP termination. Everything that happens to connect your call to a consumer’s phone goes on completely behind the scenes for most consumers. They don’t realize that a bad connection or a dropped call might be the fault of the telecom carrier, not your business. That scratchy call casts a negative light on your brand. You can fine-tune a sales script and invest hours of training in how to deliver it, but it’s even more difficult to convince someone to stay on the line and hear you out when the listening experience is unpleasant.

    The Solution: Premium dialer routes

    In an ideal world, you’d want every call your dialers placed to have the same premium sound quality that is usually reserved for conversational traffic. This isn’t something your company can usually control – unless you choose a dialer solution that delivers premium dialer routes.

    Some of the benefits businesses enjoy with premium dialer routes include:

    Crystal-clear HD audio quality

    The same HD sound over a phone line that is typically reserved for conversational traffic is available for auto dialed calls when directed through a premium route.

    Higher connection rates

    Calls on a premium dialer route are given connection priority over those on standard or default routes, helping increase the chances that a call will be answered.

    Fewer dropped calls

    Default route terminations have a higher risk of dropped and disconnected calls, whereas calls on premium routes are given priority for connectivity.

    Help your business put its best foot forward with every outbound call you make, from sound clarity to increased connection rates. Learn more about premium dialer routes using Voxtelesys now.

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    Fixing Dialer Call Quality