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  • Mad-Liberating Your Call Center Script
  • Mad-Liberating Your Call Center Script

    August 14th, 2017

    Last week we flipped the script on call center customer service. This week we wrote our own script. Call center scripts can be great, but ultimately calls are unpredictable. So download  this fun, fill-in-the-blank twist on a scene from a call center that you see in the picture. You never know when you may have to [verb] the [noun], because you don't know what may happen on the other end of the phone. Have fun!  Download the game. Print and share it with your agents.

    Call center customer service: Is it a person, place, or thing? Is it a verb? Customer service is all of them. Good customer service is a thing a call center agent learns during training. It is a place because good customer service comes from the company culture. Customer service is also an action. Your company doesn’t have customer service, it does customer service. It’s like exercise—the more you do it, the better you get at it. The greater the effort, the better the return.

    Flip the Call Center Customer Service Script

    As we noted in our previous post on flipping the script on call center customer experience, customer service is human. It’s human in both directions. Your agents aren’t just representatives of your customer service—they are your customer service. When empowered to engage with the customer personally, agents can make a connection that goes beyond just solving problems. In a three-minute phone call, an empowered agent can turn an upset customer into a happy loyal customer through a human touch that a prepared script could never provide.

    Sometimes going off-script is the best call center customer service you could provide. When a human connection is made between an agent and customer then your customer service goes beyond good. It becomes [positive superlative] call center customer service. Don't forget to download our flip the script game and find your superlative.

    Get the Customer Service You Deserve

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    Mad-Liberating Your Call Center Script