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  • Business VoIP Service: The Future of Telecom
  • Business VoIP Service: The Future of Telecom

    June 5th, 2017

    From connecting employees around the world to being a part of tomorrow's smart offices, business VoIP service has become the future of telecommunications.  After two decades of development, VoIP systems are now valued at over $82 billion with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.5% by 2020, according to Frost & Sullivan. VoIP providers are among the top-performing industries of the past decade. By 2020, experts predict VoIP systems will reach a subscriber base of over 348 million users, a CAGR of 18% since 2015. Of all the benefits of using VoIP for business, the bottom line is the most straightforward. Similarly, a report from Aberdeen Group showed that cloud-based contact centers have 27% lower annual costs.

    Business VoIP Service Makes Communication Cheaper

    VoIP has literally changed how and where we work. It's providing huge advantages to the companies who make the switch from a traditional phone line. By enabling businesses to make and receive calls over the internet, VoIP provides rapid, effective, affordable, and profitable business benefits. Let's dig into the reasons VoIP service leads to lower annual business costs a bit more. It's not simply that you're removing the cost of making a phone call. You're also:
    • Eliminating any costs between internal teams on the same business VoIP service
    • Minimizing the cost of long-distance calls
    • Reducing costs for buying, maintaining, or storing communications equipment
    • Saving money in terms of customer satisfaction and retention

    Customers Receive the Service They Deserve

    Business VoIP services aren't just a huge benefit to your business, they also help you provide better service to your customers. Long hold times, dropped calls, or poor call quality can create a frustrating experience for the customer.

    Business VoIP service, however, automates many of those processes. Incoming calls are routed to the right people, at the right time, and in the right location. That means fewer calls dropped or ended, and more happy customers.

    Further, business VoIP service allows a manager to better control the call flow into and out of a specific department. Business VoIP services integrate reporting functions into their software. This allows managers to quickly identify pressure points, scheduling conflicts, and quality issues that impact both customers and employees. The best VoIP providers also ensure that you're compliant with the most current FCC regulations.

    Business VoIP Service Makes Offices Flexible

    Business VoIP service allows for a mobile workforce. Regardless of where in the world they are working, your employees can make calls from their own smartphones.

    But beyond that, one of the greatest VoIP benefits for business is that it's scalable. Unlike traditional phone systems, business VoIP service does not require new physical lines for additional locations. Rather, it’s simply a matter of adding new IPs, adjusting capacity for increased volume, and ensuring you have the bandwidth to match. It can be completed with a simple phone call or entering some information through your provider’s web portal. That generally means fewer complex installations or hardware upgrades due to physical limitations. With an organized, single system you won't need to juggle multiple country or state providers. It's simplified pricing, with a single provider, scaled to meet your current demands.

    Business VoIP Service Encourages Innovation

    Finally, an internet-based application can evolve and change right along with the technology that supports it. Video conferencing across continents is no longer a possibility, it’s reality. Mobile VoIP apps allow employees to access the service from their own phones. VoIP systems take the strain off employees by automating as many functions as possible. You can even integrate calls into your social media outreach.

    Also, considering the sky-rocketing growth of the Internet of Things, VoIP devices will be actively managing the future of smart offices. VoIP phones could help reserve desk space, adjust office lighting, or transfer calls between workspaces. VoIP evolves at the same pace as the internet. It encourages innovative uses with every technological jump forward we make.

    Business VoIP service hasn't just changed the future of telecommunications. It is the future of telecommunications. Learn more about the benefits of using VoIP in your industry.

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    Business VoIP Service: The Future of Telecom