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  • Working Parent: Covid-19 Era
  • Working Parent: Covid-19 Era

    January 28th, 2021

    Shortly after this school year began, I received some troubling news. With a day’s notice, the school announced it would be switching from all in-person to a hybrid model. For working parents, this would require a great deal of flexibility. Fortunately, my employer was already set up for remote work with the Voxtelesys supported 3CX phone and communication system.

    While I got busy helping my daughter transition, it dawned on me how lucky I was. Covid-19 has been devastating. Unemployment numbers skyrocketed overnight as businesses were forced to close. For working parents who remained employed, many scrambled to find childcare. What’s worse, this era was deemed the “new normal.”

    Businesses that transitioned to remote work had substantial communication challenges. Playing phone tag and confusing video applications left customers, clients, and employees frustrated and less productive.

    Solution: Voxtelesys Supported 3CX Communications

    On-the-go office phone

    With a simple 3CX app downloaded, my smartphone became my mobile desk-phone. My cell phone works like I am at the office, answering calls, transferring to colleagues, conferencing, checking voicemail, and SMS texting. There is no need to give out my cell number. Our business number is displayed on caller ID on outgoing calls, making callbacks easy (keeping my cell number private). I can see when a colleague is on the phone, available, or other (custom set) status. Voxtelesys’ support team is there to help when I have questions.

    Computer screen-share

    One of my favorite 3CX features is computer screen-share, which can be used in conjunction with audio and video. Screen-share is perfect for training or sharing when it is not possible to meet in person. Sessions can be recorded and played back later to review important details. I love the simplicity of using one application for phone calls, SMS texting, and screen-share. For those who use Teams, Voxtelesys integrates Microsoft Teams with 3CX.

    For me, this setup is a lifesaver. I count myself fortunate working from home, with easy to use, reliable communications in place. Because of the 3CX system, I can support my daughter with distance learning and stay productive with work.

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    Working Parent: Covid-19 Era