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  • 7 Important Features in a Remote Work Solution
    • 7 Important Features in a Remote Work Solution

      May 1st, 2020

      Remote work is booming. It makes sense. Many businesses can't stop right now, which means employers need a way to keep their employees safe while still being able to work productively.

      The problem is there are a lot of remote work solutions out there to choose from, and they don't all have the same features. This means you might not have all the features you need for your employees to work efficiently and comfortably from home. Give your employees the tools to succeed.

      Look for these 7 important features in a remote work solution:


      How one collaborates remotely with their coworkers is one of the biggest changes from being in the same office. Working together on projects doesn't have to be tricky when people can easily transfer files and collaborate in real time with whiteboard features.


      You don't always have time to call someone up or hop on a video call, so having the option to quickly chat with your coworkers brings efficiency to the workplace (or work-from-home-place).

      Video Conference

      You can instant message or talk on the phone all day, but when you really need to get something communicated, nothing replaces the value of speaking to someone face-to-face.

      Reports & Analytics

      Working from home, especially if you're not used to it, can be a tough adjustment from normal work life. Balancing priorities and knowing how much time to spend on one project can be a tricky act. Solutions with built-in analytics help employees see how productive they are, and can give employers peace of mind too.

      Remote Desktop

      Depending on your unique job, Remote Desktop may become your most valuable feature. Remote Desktop makes it easy to access files on your work computer. Add in certain security practices, and a remote desktop solution might just be one of the most important components of your ability to work from home.

      Screen Share

      The best way to explain a complex design or problem is to show it. Screen sharing saves both time and money by allowing participants to quickly share ideas and communicate with visual presentations. Screen sharing not only speeds up the process, but it's essential when it comes to remote project collaboration.


      Cut the cord to your office computer and office phone. Answer business calls at home or from anywhere. Mobile apps and desktop apps give you the freedom and the power to leave your office and still stay connected.

      If your remote work solution isn't what it could be, try out 3CX. Their dynamic phone system allows you to seamlessly work from home or anywhere. With the power of 3CX WebMeeting, you no longer have to worry about working remotely. 3CX is your all-in-one remote work solution. They're also offering their product FREE for 3 years.

      Voxtelesys is a 3CX Titanium Partner and Preferred SIP Carrier. Contact us today to learn more and let us help you push your business to the next level. We have the solutions to grow your business and to keep it running in times like these.

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      7 Important Features in a Remote Work Solution