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PBX Hosting

With PBX Hosting, you can effortlessly take your business phone system to the cloud, unleashing a world of benefits and unparalleled flexibility. Say goodbye to expensive hardware, complex installations, and endless maintenance. Embrace a hassle-free, efficient, and cost-effective solution that adapts to your business needs.

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3CX Voxtelesys


Integrate your 3CX phone system with Voxtelesys SIP trunking to significantly reduce your business phone bill. Easily optimize your communication infrastructure by seamlessly connecting your voice, messaging, and faxing – all while saving on costs without compromising on quality. This seamless connection between 3CX and Voxtelesys SIP trunking ensures that your business phone system operates efficiently and effectively.

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3CX Hosting Made Easy

Choose Voxtelesys for seamless 3CX hosting and unlock the full potential of your communication infrastructure

  • Easy Setup and Configuration
  • Scalable and Reliable
  • Comprehensive Feature-Set
  • Secure
  • Cost-effective
MPLS  Layer 2 Intergation Globe

Layer-2 Integration

Amplify your multi-site network with Layer-2 Integration. Imagine connecting your remote offices across the globe as if they were on the same local network. Think seamless file sharing, printer access, and user experiences, all thanks to secure Layer-2 Integration technology that acts like a virtual Ethernet highway. Forget complex VPN configurations and enjoy effortless management, easy scaling, and potentially lower costs. Ready to unlock the full potential of your network?

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CDR Streaming Solutions phone

CDR Streaming

Voxtelesys offers real-time streaming of call detail records (CDRs), empowering you with valuable insights and control over your communication data.

  • Real Time Insights
  • Customizable Dashboards, Reports, and Alerts
  • Independence from Carriers
  • Seamless Integration
  • Integrates with popular backends: MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Graylog


An SBC makes sure data is transferred properly between different networks - as in each IP phone system and Voxtelesys SIP trunking.