Voxtelesys Portal | Add a Failover Transfer

  • Voxtelesys Portal | Add a Failover Transfer
  • Voxtelesys Portal | Add a Failover Transfer

    1. Login to Voxtelesys Portal

    If you are not redirected back to the portal go to https://portal.voxtelesys.net and Login.

    2. SIP Trunks

    3. Open Up the Ingress Trunk Type

    1. Ingress Trunk
    2. Routing
    3. Open routing that you are adding the failover to
    4. Add "+"

    4. Add Transfer Information

    • Destination Type: Transfer
    • Destination: Number you want to transfer to in a failover event
    • Outbound Trunk Group: Select the OB trunk you want the transfer to use

    5. Verify Routing

    Your Failover Priority should be set after your normal routing, you can move it up or down with the side arrows.

    Need a custom transfer for each number?

    If you need a custom transfer number for your other numbers this can be done by modifying each number!

    1. Phone Numbers > Numbers

    2. Edit Phone Number

    You can move the new destination type with the up and down arrows to change how Voxtelesys reachs out to you!

    3. Update the Transfer number

    This will now override the Default trunk failover transfer! *This will only override this specific phone number, all other phone numbers on the default trunk will still use the trunk transfer.