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  • Teams | Updating Users

    You can now update phone numbers for your Microsoft Teams users from the Voxtelesys Portal! That means no more PowerShell!

    Set up Voxtelesys Trunk in Teams

    1. Log in to the Voxtelesys Portal

    Go to and log in.

    2. Click on Microsoft Teams

    3. Click on Teams Login

    If you are currently logged in on your browser it will default to that user/account. If you need to change accounts log out and in to the correct account and refresh the Voxtelesys Portal.

    4. Edit Users

    If the edit icon is grayed out, then that user does not have a phone or resource account license

    5. Update the User's Phone or Emergency Address

    Note that we are working on implementing an updated 911 routing for Teams tenets. The emergency address is currently not in operation.

    6. Verify the changes

    Make sure the changes took place on the Portal and also on your Teams account, please note that changes in Teams make take some time to update on their GUI.