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  • Teams | VoxSBC Setup with Teams Admin Panel
  • Teams | VoxSBC Setup with Teams Admin Panel

    Overview: The VoxSBC can be used to connect Voxtelesys SIP Trunking or your PBX System to Microsoft Teams. Since the Teams Phone System has been released this process has changed multiple times. There are currently two ways of configuring it: mostly using the Teams Admin Panel or mostly using PowerShell. If you prefer PowerShell, we do have a guide on that as well!

    Create the Domain in Microsoft

    1. Make sure your account is set up to support VoxSBC

    You can check this by looking at your registrations on the Portal. You will have a little Teams icon under Options if this is the case. If there is no icon, reach out to [email protected] to update your registration type.

    2. Start the VoxSBC Wizard

    From Portal > Registrations > Click on the Teams icon (under Options) on the domain you want to set up.

    3. Log in to MS 365 Admin Center

    Navigate to Settings > Domains > + Add Domain

    • Admin Link: [](
    • Domains Link: [](

    4. Add the Domain

    From the Wizard, copy the Primary Domain Name:

    Paste Domain into the MS Domain setup

    5. Add a TXT Record

    6. Copy the TXT record and add to Wizard


    Paste in Wizard

    Submit on Wizard

    Verify on Microsoft Admin page

    If there is an error, wait 5 minutes and hit try again. Repeat until it clears.

    7. Finish Up the Domain Setup

    Uncheck Exchange and Exchange Online Protection


    Your Domain is set up!

    Create a Temporary User to Authorize the newly created Domain

    1. Create a new user

    • Users > Active Users > Add a user

    2. Add Basics

    The Domain will be the VoxSBC Domain provided earlier.

    3. Add Office 365 License E1, E3, or E5

    • Note: this can be removed later after the Domain verification is completed.

    4. Optional Setting

    This user does not need any Admin privileges.

    Create an SBC in Microsoft Teams Admin

    1. Log in to your Teams Admin Page

    • [](

    2. Create an SBC

    Voice > Direct Routing > SBCs > + Add

    3. Fill in SBC information

    FQDN for the SBC: Your VoxSBC domain (

    Enabled: On

    SIP Signaling Port: 5061


    4. Create PSTN Usage Records

    Still under Voice > Direct Routing > SBCs > click on Manage PSTN Usage Records in the upper right corner.


    Name it VoxSBC

    5. Create Voice Routes

    Still under Voice > Direct Routing > change from SBC to Voice Routes

    Click + Add

    Create the voice route

    • Name: VoxSBC
    • Priority: 1
    • Dialed Number Pattern: .*
    • SBCs Enrolled: Add your VoxSBC Domain
    • PSTN Usage Records: Add VoxSBC

    Create Voice Routing Policies in Microsoft Teams Admin

    1. Create Voice Routing Policies

    Navigate to Voice > Voice routing policies

    2. Add new Policy

    3. Configure Policy

    Name the Policy: VoxSBC

    Click Add or remove PSTN usage records

    Select VoxSBC as the PSTN Usage Record


    Create Dial Plans in Microsoft Teams Admin

    1. Create or edit your Global Dial plan

    Navigate to Voice > Dial plans

    2. Edit the Global Dial plan

    3. Add New Normalization rules

    4. Domestic PSTN Rule

    • Name: Domestic PSTN
    • Domestic PSTN: PSTN access to NANP numbers
    • Advanced: Checked

    The number dialed matches this regular expression: ^(\+1|1)?([2-9][0-9][0-9][2-9][0-9]{6})$

    Translate the number based on this regular expression: 1$2


    5. Extension Rule

    Note: this rule would be used if you were connecting your Teams account to a PBX system. Can be used in conjunction with the Domestic rule.

    • Name: Extension
    • Domestic PSTN: Extension to extension routing between 3rd party PBX and Teams
    • Advanced: Checked

    The number dialed matches this regular expression: ^\+?([0-9]{4})$

    • Note: the 4 in {4} would be changed to whatever extension length your PBX has, so a 3 digit extension would be ^\+?([0-9]{3})$

    Translate the number based on this regular expression: $1


    Assign the Dialplan and Voice Routes

    1. Update User Policies

    Navigate to Users > Manage Users

    2. Click on View policies on the User you want to update

    User will need the phone System license On

    3. Edit Assigned Policies

    4. Update Policies

    Change Voice routing policy: VoxSBC

    If you created a new Dial plan then update that here as well.


    • Any updates my take some time to complete, 1+ hours in some cases.

    Add Voice plans to Users

    Option 1: Voxtelesys Portal

    Use the following link to configure your user directly from our portal!

    Option 2: PowerShell

    1. Log in to PowerShell

    2. Add number to user

    Set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment -Identity **<user>** -PhoneNumber **<Phone number 1xxxxxxxxxx>** -PhoneNumberType DirectRouting

    Make sure your users are set up to use the Voxtelesys SBC for voice policy's and dial plans!