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  • SIP Trunk Setup: Unifi
  • SIP Trunk Setup: Unifi Talk

    Before setting up your Unifi system please reach out to Voxtelesys Support as they will need to make some changes to your account to match the formatting of the Unifi PBX. Reach out by email: or by phone: 701-929-9797

    1. From the Unifi Talk Menu, select "System Settings"

    2. Select "Add Third-Party SIP Provider"

    3. Setting up Voxtelesys SIP Trunk!

    • Provider Name: Voxtelesys

    • Add Custom Fields

    Add the following Fields:

    • realm
    • password
    • register
    • username
    • retry_seconds
    • expire-seconds

    • realm: Domain from Voxtelesys
    • password: Password from Voxtelesys
    • register: true
    • username: Auth/username from Voxtelesys
    • retry_seconds: 30
    • expire-seconds: 60

    • Select Countries

    • By default your Voxtelesys account is open to the United States and Canada, if you need more calling countries please contact support.

    Add phone numbers manually or via txt file

    • Format will be 1XXXXXXXXXX

    • Once all the numbers are submitted you can Save!

    3. Verify Trunk

    • Advanced verification:
    • To SSH, set in UDM Overall settings > Advanced > SSH + SSH Password
    1. ssh root@UDM-IP - "Welcome to UniFi Dream Machine!"
    2. unifi-os shell - "root@ubnt:/#"
    3. fs_cli
    4. show registrations

    2021-07-30 14:39:39.339815 [DEBUG] sofia_reg.c:409 Registered Voxtelesys-Trunk

    4. Optional Setting

    Please note these configuration settings can change, so we recommend contacting Voxtelesys support. However, we will keep the guide up-to-date.