Unifi Talk | SIP Trunk Troubleshooting

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  • Unifi Talk | SIP Trunk Troubleshooting
  • Unifi Talk | SIP Trunk Troubleshooting

    This tutorial shows you how to troubleshoot your Voxtelesys SIP Trunk in the Unifi Dream Machine Pro and the Terminal CLI.

    Unifi Dream Machine Pro

    1. Navigate to the Unifi OS

    2. Unifi OS > About this Console

    From the Unifi OS, click on the About this Console tab.

    The Gateway IP will be the IP address you will use in the Terminal CLI.

    3. Unifi OS > Console Settings

    Click on the Console Settings tab to get to the SSH settings.

    4. Turn on SSH

    Turn on SSH from here:

    • Note: Once you complete Step 4, you can modify the SSH password by clicking on the Change Password button next the SSH setting.

    5. Configure the SSH Password

    Agree to enable SSH.

    Type in the SSH Password you will use in the Terminal CLI. Click on Enable when you are finished.

    Navigate to the Terminal CLI

    6. Log in with SSH

    Enter ssh root@UDM-IP

    • Substitute UDM-IP with the Gateway IP of the Dream Machine Pro.

    7. Enter the SSH Password in the Terminal CLI

    8. Launch the FreeSWITCH CLI

    To run the FreeSWITCH CLI, enter: fs_cli

    9. Verify your SIP Trunk is registered

    Enter the following to verify your SIP Trunk is registered: sofia status profile